The Secret To Success and Mastery

BRENT at the Top Of the Pyramid

BRENT Goes Higher Up the Pyramid

Why Businesses Haven’t Solved Employee Disengagement

BRENT Going Up the Pyramid

BRENT Starts to Climb the Pyramid

BRENT Climbs the Pyramid

Reliable Dental Marketing Ideas Your Practice Should Try - contd

Technologies to Empower Your Brent

10 Reliable Dental Client Marketing Ideas Your Practice Should Try

Support Your Employees to Shift From Burnout to Balance

Unique Referral System

How Can You Tell Your Marketing Isn't Working

Unique Finance System

Unique Sales System

Unique Marketing System

Unique Follow-Up System

Employee Wellness Programs Benefit the Bottom Line

Unique Direct Response Outreach System

Unique Customer Relationship Management System

Connect with Your Audience

Build Your Social Media Presence

Shock without Awe?

Marketing Fails

Marketing Must Haves

Get the most from your CRM

Unique Content Management System

BRENT’s Operating System

BRENT’s Head, Heart, Legs & Trunk

You Are NOT an Elephant

I love helping people

How to kickstart your marketing campaign!

Exciting News About Email Marketing!

How The Pandemic Has Changed Business

Where Do You Start Writing?

LOOK AT THIS! and Other Ways To Engage an audience

Ransomeware: It hurts ALL of us. :-(

“Take chances, make mistakes. That's how you grow.” Mary Tyler Moore.

Three Tips for Email Marketing

Are Your Emails Ending Up Like Processed Lunch Meat?

The Push for Privacy

Mistakes to Avoid In Your Emails

Things That Make Your Audience Distressed.

How Can You Increase Email Engagement?

Why Apple Privacy Changes Are A Big Deal - Part 2

Why The Apple Privacy Changes Are A Big Deal - Part 1

How is Marketing Like Gardening?

Strategies to improve customer acquisition

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Tangible Marketing

Four Steps To Create Your Marketing Strategy

Do NOT Write Your Own Copy

Website Homepage

How To Follow Up To Not Annoy

Why Blog?

Types of WebPages Part 2

Types of webpages Part 1

Some Difficulties Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeons Have

Shock and Awe

The Wonders of Marketing With A Personal Touch

Pixel Estate: The Big Shift of Q2-2020 and Post COVID Economics

Have you heard of Parknav?

Purchasing and Supply Chain

The Only Thing Constant About the Economy is That it ALWAYS Changes

Business Kamasutra

Your BFF is Cash

What is a sales letter?

Authority Infrastructure – Your Publishing Platform

What Makes Authority Marketing Work

If You Want More, Make Yourself More Valuable

How's Your Cybersecurity

Now is me Time To Do it Differently

The Price of Negligence

How To Make A Lot More Money, Fast

Twitter Ads

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Marketing Ideas

When to hire a marketing agency

Coupons and promotions

Social Networks - Part 2

Social Networks - Part 1

Email Deliverability

How to use humour in your marketing interactions

Email KPI

Email marketing for small businesses

How to write to capture interest

How to source images

To be or not to be - political

Small business marketing tips

Tips for Writing Copy

How to find truthful information and how to cite it.

A Date With Your Dollar :-)

My first five dollars in America

Location Location Location? No...not anymore!

Would You Put Your Business in a Condemned Building?

The Great Inversion Has Finally Happened…

Not Just a Crystal Ball... Database Marketing Explained with Crystal Clarity

Who Is Your Site Created For?

Listen to the Experts

The Truth About the Post Covid Business World

Pick up the Phone Already!

How to Get Rich in 'Un-Rich Times'

The Plain Truth About Panic

If Your Income's Not Where You Want It, There's A Reason

Don’t End Up Second Best…

When You Absolutely, Positively Want to Sell You Stuff Tomorrow...

UCCP (Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform) after COVID pt 3

UCCP (Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform) after COVID pt 2

UCCP (Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform) after COVID pt 1

Hubspot For Dentists: (ROI & ROE) Measuring Return on Investment and Efforts

Buy a Damned Stamp Already…

Why Hubspot? Why Now? Case for a major investment in your Pixel Estate

You Have To Be Their Mama!

The Most Powerful Money Machine in Existence...

100% Open Rate...

There’s a Reason Athletes Always Thank Their Mothers...

Parthiv, Make me some money in April

Take this short quiz to see if Instagram is good fit for your business

Profile of new Instagram user Jessica

Five reasons you should use LinkedIn to grow your dental practice

Five simple steps to create success with your LinkedIn Company Page

Can You Imagine Proposing Marriage Like This?

Gotta Be the Cowboy of Your Business…

Instagram – Think Outside the Mouth

7 Free Keyword Research Tools to help you get into your customers head

Why do I need a brand for my dental practice?

Corona infects your business too :-(

Dentist/Orthodontist  by day…comedian, humanitarian, musician by night

How to set up your Instagram Business Account - Best approaches to guarantee success

Case Study: Dr. Evelyn D.D.S, Conversion rates from effective marketing

Using Storytelling to Build your Dental Practice

Getting into your Customer’s Heads – through Keywords

What the heck is SEO and why is it important to my business?

8 Tips to Help Connect You With Your Community – and Boost Your Dental Practice

Finance and Accounting 3

Finance and Accounting 2

Finance and Accounting 1

Operating Philosophies 4

Operating Philosophies 3

Operating Philosophies 2

Operating Philosophies 1

Business Strategy Mistakes on Decisions

6 Business Strategy Mistakes on "Vision"

7 Business Strategy Mistakes on "Values" and "Mission"

4 Business Strategy Mistakes on "Strategy"

12 Business Strategy Mistakes on Plans and Goals

421 Strategy Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

How to Totally Screw Up 2020 in Your Business...

Business Habits of the Richest Man Who Ever Lived...

Gunfighters Who Shoot From the Hip...Die!

Business Planning Tool for Physicians, Dentists, Info-Marketers and Financial Advisors

My Mentor Dan Kennedy is Alive and Out of Hospice

Your Audience Lacks History

Why You Need a Mentor as Much as Higher Education to Help You Reach New Heights

Business Planning for 2020

Building Out Your Customer Journey Map

Are You A Quitter?

Destination: FREEDOM - What Does It Mean?

Holiday Season Advancing – Prepare Today

The Milk Your Baby Drinks Can Ruin Teeth…And Other Such Dental Disasters

Why Some Or Most Attorneys Seldom Retire

Making the Case for Lumpy Mail

One Thousand Days Backwards – Reverse Engineer Your Future

Creating and Distributing High-Quality Content

High-Value Clients Don’t Grow on Trees

The Cure for Your Conversion Headaches

Top 4 Reasons Your Landing Pages Suck Canal Water

Content Curation is a Stretch

The Money is in a Clean List

Word of Mouth Sales

Becoming a Niche Authority

Direct Response and All it Entails

Who Says Direct Mail is Dead

Capitalizing on Predictive Analytics and AI

The Reality of Web 3.0: What’s In Store?

How to use Sales Automation and CRM system to survive and thrive

Mindset is the Key to Magnetism

Mastering the Laws of Magnetism

2019- My Year Of Independence

What Your Aunt Gertrude Never Told You About Making Money Or…. Strategic Selling in Just Five Steps

Bringing Home the Value of Marketing Metrics

Part II  Marketing is NOT All About the Future

Marketing is NOT all About the Future

Trust Trumps All Part Two (even when second thoughts arise)

Trust Trumps All Part One(from your mother-in-law to your physician)

Mail Box Millions 2.0 Notes

Creating Effective Funnels is a Piece of Cake Or…. How to Get the Tofu, Mofu, Bofu, Right Once and For All Part 2

Creating Effective Funnels is a Piece of Cake Or…. How to Get the Tofu, Mofu, Bofu, Right Once and For All Part 1


How can Dan Kennedy’s Indian data scientist attract more wealth for you?

Why Marketing Metrics are Critical  .... .... Without Them You’re Lost

How Magnetic Marketing Campaigns Can Change Your Trajectory Once and For All

Why Metrics are Critical for Marketing …..and What You’re Missing When You Don’t Use Them

Why Practitioners Struggle to Expand Their Practices

The 3 Phases of Love and Marketing…. …. And Why You Need to Focus on All of Them

It’s Just Like Taking the Kids to the Circus

Are Your Leads Alive, Dead, Or On Life Support?

So, You Want to Be a Coach; Do You?

The Content Conundrum

 parthiv shah


Are you one of the 99% of small businesses who are spending money on marketing but unhappy with results & ROI?

I can help you establish controls and measurements so you can know, understand and MEASURE what is working and what is not working in real time. In one hour I will help you identify your KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and connect all your digital marketing assets (website, social media, finance) to a digital dashboard and a mobile app so you can track and measure everything going forward in real time.




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