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Posted by Parthiv Shah on Feb 7, 2024 8:30:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

The purpose of today’s blog is to discuss a simple tactic for converting curious lookie-loos into satisfied customers, patients, or patrons.

First, let's start with the basics – You are an expert in your field, so make sure you come across as one. You're not just selling stuff; you're sharing your vast knowledge to help people. You can do this by writing special reports, making blog posts, or creating videos. This shows your customers that you're not just a seller but someone with helpful knowledge.

Offering extremely valuable intellectual content free to your customers shows them you care about them and are someone they should trust. This fosters reciprocity, and your generosity inspires them to respond in kind.

Now, picture this: you own a dental practice and want to sell more dental implants. Consider writing a special report on why dental implants are a smart choice for those missing teeth, how the implants work, what a patient can expect during the procedure, the cost involved, and the results they can expect.

This report answers prospective patients' questions and shows them you care enough to educate them. The result…your customer sees you as the trusted authority and their go-to choice for dental implants.

A key element of your report will be the soft sell that comes at the end. You want to discuss how your dental practice stands apart from the dozen other competitors in your area. Talk about your state-of-the-art facility. The extra time you offer each patient to answer their questions and ensure they achieve the results they desire. Your investment in the latest technologies which allows you to precisely place dental implants with less pain, a reduced recovery time, and a smile they will love to show off.

Highlight what makes your business, service, or product stand out from the rest. When prospects know what makes you different, they're more likely to choose you over others.

This strategy isn't just about sharing information; it's about getting potential customers excited. It's like when you see a trailer for a movie – it makes you want to see the whole thing. Get your customers curious, maybe offer them exclusive deals or behind-the-scenes looks. You want them to be eager to know more.

Selling is all about turning tire kickers into buyers. When you share info, show off your expertise, and excite them about your stuff, you're not just selling – you're making friends. You’re putting them behind the wheel and giving them that all-important test drive.

We like to buy from people we trust. When you've shared information, been helpful, and gotten your customers excited about what you offer, you're not just selling stuff – you're building a group of loyal friends who believe in what you do.

At eLaunchers, this is only one part of what we help our clients achieve. We are experts at making you…look like the expert you are in your field. For more information, visit or call or text me at 301-873-5791. Mention this blog and request a free copy of my book, Business Kamasutra.   Discover how, together, we can establish a solid online presence, streamline your operations, and have more of your prospects converting into satisfied patients, customers, and patients.

Join our growing family of happy and prosperous business owners experiencing their best years with eLaunchers.

I look forward to talking with you soon,

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