A Deep Dive Into The New Thought Movement

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Feb 1, 2024 10:18:52 AM

Parthiv Shah

Are you familiar with the New Thought Movement?

If you’ve spent any time in the world of personal development and self-help, then you are familiar with this Movement, whether you knew the term or not.

The New Thought Movement started in the late 19th century. At the time, it had a HUGE impact on how people viewed spirituality and personal growth. It was at that time that thought leaders started emphasizing the power of your mind and its ability to affect all areas of your life.

Leaders of the New Thought Movement are responsible for spreading the idea that if you think good, positive thoughts, they will manifest as good, positive results in your life. Of course, the same holds true in reverse. If you’re negative all the time, bad things will tend to happen in your life.

At the core of this movement is the Law of Attraction. It states that the energy from your thoughts attracts similar vibes from the universe. Proponents of this movement believe in the awesome power of the human mind and its ability to shape and change your reality.

In simple terms, positive thoughts bring positive outcomes, and negative thoughts bring negative outcomes.

This is where concepts like affirmations gained a footing. Affirmations are positive advice and encouragement you give yourself over and over to train your brain to be happy, more focused, and, in turn, more successful.

Another popular concept in the New Thought Movement is creative visualization. This is where you imagine in your mind what you want to happen. It’s like daydreaming but with purpose and direction.

Some people directly responsible for the acceptance and encouragement of the New Thought movement include Napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel, and Robert Collier.

Napoleon Hill, known for "Think and Grow Rich," was a pioneer in exploring the power of positive thinking and the importance of a strong mindset in achieving success. Charles Haanel, author of "The Master Key System," delved into the law of attraction and the interconnectedness of thoughts with the universe. With works like "The Secret of the Ages," Robert Collier talked about the power of sharing your thoughts and beliefs to shape reality and manifest desired outcomes.

Many authors, philosophers, marketing experts, and entrepreneurs of the past two hundred years were influenced by the works of these great thinkers and others of like mind in their time.

The New Thought Movement is about so much more than just positive thinking. It’s about taking complete control of your thoughts and focusing your mind with laser-like precision. When you do this, possibilities open up to you, and you discover a limitless power within. It’s about using your mind and following through with discipline and consistent action.

For all these reasons and more, Russell Brunson created the Secrets of Success Mastermind Community, a group dedicated to reading, understanding, absorbing, and discussing the works of some of the most influential New Thought Masters of the last two centuries. If this interests you, I urge you to go to Watch Russell’s video, listen to his story, and enjoy his beyond-generous offer. You’ll be joining a community of like-minded high achievers excited to learn, study, share their insight, and discuss the philosophy of success and personal growth in real-time.


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