Engagement Options

We want to earn your trust, your loyalty and your referrals. This matters more than the money.

We get paid in cash, hugs, testimonials and referrals. We are big proponent of tribal marketing and peer-to-peer learning. When you join the eLaunchers Family, you have access not only to the eLaunchers team but also to our clients and their brains. This means YOU are part of the think tank. We expect that you will make yourself available when another eLaunchers client or prospect reaches out to you, asking for your opinion, feedback or assistance.  

At the beginning of our relationship we will ask what it takes to make you happy, what it takes to get our bills paid, what it takes to get a testimonials (written and video), and what it takes to put you on our 'reference list' so people can call you to check our reference before hiring us. If you want to keep our relationship a secret, you are in the wrong place.

Here are the 3 most common options that business owners choose when deciding to work with eLaunchers. See which one suits your needs best:


Option 1 – Yes! I’m ‘All In’!

When you say 'all in' you are ready for a non-trivial commitment of time, data and money. However, your investment will be rewarded with value far beyond your expectations.

Your Keys to the Kingdom will include unprecedented access to eLaunchers’ staff of web designers, copywriters, marketers, graphic designers, systems engineers, and literally every single person you need to take your business from where it is now (whether fledgling entrepreneurial newbie or seasoned business veteran) to the next level.

However, this level of automation requires a commitment from you as well.

Even though you are buying a done-for-you service, YOU are part of the act and you are a significant role player. If you want this done without your participation, you are in the wrong place.

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Option 2 – “I Want to Be ‘All In’, But Want to Dip My Toe in the Water First”

When we meet for the first time, we will explore ALL the options (including the 'ALL IN' option) so you can decide how, when and at what speed you want to implement your Ultimate Growth Engine.

Please know that MOST people choose to go for the 'all in' option after evaluating engagement options. However, we have one rule: "You are not allowed to get in debt to pay eLaunchers".

But don’t worry - we will help you choose an appropriate engagement option. We are fiscally conservative and we don't like it when our clients take unnecessary risks. We are not in any hurry to bill you. We are looking for a multi-year and mutually profitable relationship.

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Option 3 – “I Have Too Many Questions to Make a Commitment Yet”

That is perfectly OK. Not everyone who could benefit from our methodology, modality, business process, intellectual property and our done-for-you implementation will choose to do business with us.

When it comes to hiring a competent team to outsource marketing automation and implementation of fail-safe follow up, you have many options. Keep in mind that eLaunchers is here for you: 

If you choose to go elsewhere and have a bad experience, you are welcome to come back.

If you hire someone else who bit more than they could chew, we will cheerfully give advice and assistance so hopefully they can save their relationship with you. 

If you still want us to move in and take over, we will fix the 'bad haircut' and we do not judge.

Are there questions we can answer that may help you make a more informed decision? Schedule a Consultation with eLaunchers’ president and founder, Parthiv Shah and let’s talk it out.

We guarantee that you’ll leave the call with knowledge of marketing automation that will help you, regardless of whether we move forward together or not!

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