Have You Reached Your Full Potential?

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Jan 15, 2024 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

Have you ever felt you’re not using your full potential?

Have you ever dissected your day and thought about wasted effort, time, or energy you could have used on something else?

Have you ever looked up from an afternoon spent lazily in front of the TV or an hour spent scrolling through social media and felt guilty, maybe even disgusted, a pang of regret for time lost that you’ll never regain?

Recently, I came across the work of Charles F. Haanel while perusing the Secrets of Success Mastermind Vault.   Haanel developed a chart for his Master Key System that is supposed to help you improve your focus by identifying areas where you may improve.

He asks his readers to place a percentage next to the following areas:Mental Product ___%

Mental product is meant to describe the total value of your intelligence and skill set.   Are you fully utilizing your knowledge base and mental abilities?

Health ___%

How’s your energy level? Is your weight in a healthy range? What about your cardiovascular system? Do you suffer from aches and pains? If you are in excellent health, give yourself 100%; otherwise, grade accordingly.

Time Efficiency ___%

Are your waking hours spent on productive work, enriching hobbies, and quality time with your friends and loved ones, or are there wasted hours spent on mind-numbing activities such as doom scrolling or channel surfing?

Creative Power ___%

How confident are you in your abilities? Do you start each new task with the certainty of success, or do you begin with a sense of dread, anxiety, and uncertainty?

Concentration ___%

Once you start a task, do you stick with it, or does your mind wander easily? How many times must you redirect to complete what you start?

The idea behind this chart is to look seriously at these areas of your life and find room for improvement.

Charles Haanel discusses how working to improve your percentages in these areas pays dividends in your life.

Imagine if you could improve your numbers by a cumulative 10%. What would this mean for your productivity, health, and life quality? Imagine how much more you could accomplish if you trained your brain and improved your concentration and creative power by 5%. The answer could be life-changing.

Joining Russell Brunson’s Secrets of Success Mastermind Group has been life-changing. Choosing to spend my free time with the teachings of Charles Haanel, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightengale, and many others has helped me sharpen my mind.

I am a better businessman because of this.

When I meet with a new client, ideas on how I can serve them seem to flow more freely.

I feel I have already taken my life to a new level and see more to strive for in my future.

To claim your spot in this mastermind group, all you need do is go to Take advantage of this opportunity, and you’ll join a community of like-minded high achievers. You’ll have the chance to do a deep-dive study into the philosophy of success and personal growth.

I hope to see you on the inside!

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