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Meet Parthiv Shah

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Here's what Dan Kennedy says about Parthiv


Parthiv is, frankly, a weird little guy. His head is into all sorts of rocket science applications and systems engineering that gives me a headache. I am personally, rather famously tech resistant, yet I have marketing technology and digital media used for me and for my clients under my direction, to its fullest, legitimately productive extent.


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Dan Kennedy

Hardest working man in marketing.

Mr. Ryan Deiss

Mr. Clate Mask

Excellent use of campaign publishing tool to publish Business Kamasutra Campaign and Internal Marketing Machine.

Mr. Clate Mask

Mr. Dan Kennedy

A very clever thief. He ripped off my Shock and Awe formula and he did it brilliantly.

Mr. Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy

Is Your Shock and Awe ‘SHOCKing and AWEing’?

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If I can grant ONE WISH in a FREE 20 minute consultation, what would you wish for?

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