Convert Non-Believers with this Million Dollar Strategy from Dan Kennedy

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Nov 8, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

If you know anything about selling, then you likely know the works of the leading authority in direct response marketing, Dan Kennedy. I need not introduce the man responsible for the No B.S. marketing approach that has shaped the careers of so many successful marketers and entrepreneurs, myself included. Dan’s contributions to the world of marketing and entrepreneurship are immeasurable.

Recently, Dan shared some valuable insight into crafting a persuasive sales presentation.

He talked about what he called his million-dollar sales presentation, which has sold over a million dollars of his products, specifically his Magnetic Marketing System (more on that in just a moment).

Dan goes on to discuss how when he’d speak to a crowd of prospective buyers, he already knew the main reasons they wouldn’t buy:

#1: They think it's not for them for their business.


#2 They think my product is just a book of letters because I show letters in an example.


#3: They think it's too complicated.


#4: They think it's too expensive.


#5: They don't believe the guarantee.


He explained that he was never afraid of these objections and instead chose to hit on them directly as part of his presentation.


When he was on stage, he’d do this by writing the objections down on a blackboard; then, in a humorous way, he’d diminish each one’s importance. As he killed each of the objections, he’d cross them out, and after he’d “killed” the last one, he’d erase them all.


This symbolic gesture of first highlighting known objections, then discussing them openly, diminishing their importance, and erasing each one effectively erased the objections in many of his prospective buyer’s heads. And the results speak for themselves. Dan Kennedy was and continues to be one of the most accomplished salesmen of all time.

When you're selling your product or services, Dan encourages you to never let your ego tell you that there’s no good reason for your prospect not to buy. Never stick your head in the sand and refuse to see the truth of why someone might tell you no.   Instead, use these probable objections as building blocks, not stumbling blocks.


Now, I have something extraordinary to share with you. Recently, none other than the visionary Russell Brunson has compiled Dan’s marketing secrets in one place and made them available to high achievers and entrepreneurs like you.   All you need to do is go to to gain access to the entirety of Dan’s podcasts, blog posts, sales letters, and genius marketing content.


Russell Brunson credits his building his 100 million dollar company to a single fax received by Dan Kennedy years ago. Imagine what full access to this killer sales and copywriting content could mean for you and your business. Now stop imagining and go to This could be the most important move you make this year.


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