From The Vault of High Performers - P.T. Barnum's "Humbugs of the World"

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Nov 2, 2023 1:36:36 PM

Parthiv Shah

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I have something exciting to share with you today. Recently, I joined a secret group of high performers, one I’ll tell you more about in a few moments.   One of the benefits of being part of this group is that I gained access to a treasure trove of priceless and, in some cases, never-before-seen revelations and information on personal achievement.

When I joined this group, I gained access to the most incredible collection of works by some of the most influential philosophers and success coaches. This compilation holds the secrets of personal achievement and details how anyone can be successful in the world. Although my fellow members might not be thrilled, I will give you a glimpse of what I’ve discovered now. The insights I've gained are too valuable not to share.

How can you be more?

How can you achieve more?

How can you have more success in life?

These are the questions these great minds have answered. You’ll want to read to the end for something special just for you, but first, I’d like to share with you a piece of the magic and why I’m so excited to have found this group of like-minded high achievers.

As I mentioned, the archives I can now access contain the work of some of the last centuries' most influential men and women. One book that grabbed my attention was written by who some consider the greatest showman of all time, P.T. Barnum. The book is called “Humbugs of the World.”

Before we delve into the treasure trove that is "Humbugs of the World," let me introduce you to Phineas Taylor Barnum. You probably know that P.T. Barnum was a 19th-century showman and entrepreneur extraordinaire best known for founding the Barnum & Bailey Circus. You might not know that he wasn't just a captivating entertainer but a prolific author and staunch advocate of ethical business practices. He even coined the iconic phrase, "There's a sucker born every minute."

In "Humbugs of the World," P.T. Barnum lets you step into a world where deception, hoaxes, and fraud were rampant in the 19th century. This book acts as a guide to deciphering the tricks and deceptions of the time. It offers invaluable lessons for today's business owners as well.

Barnum discusses the importance of embracing skepticism and critical thinking. He says that in today's world, where opportunities abound, skepticism and critical thinking are your allies. He urges you to learn to question claims and promises that seem too good to be true and conduct thorough research before making business decisions. Just as Barnum exposed hoaxes, assessing risks in your business ventures is essential. He urges you to carefully evaluate potential pitfalls and research opportunities before committing your resources.


The book reveals how easily people can be swayed by their desires, hopes, and fears and discusses how understanding consumer behavior and psychology empowers you to create more effective marketing and sales strategies. Barnum's genius lay in his ability to capture people's attention. Take a leaf from his book and enhance your marketing and PR strategies with creative and attention-grabbing methods.


P.T. Barnum was a strong advocate for ethical business dealings. His book underscores the importance of honesty and transparency. He emphasizes that long-term success is often built on a foundation of integrity.

P.T. Barnum’s book contains valuable insight and secrets to aid your success.

And here's the secret I promised you. "Humbugs of the World" by P.T. Barnum is just one of the powerful works represented in the priceless archives now available to you in The Secrets of Success Community, recently introduced by the great Russell Brunson. Gain access to the catacombs of insight, available only to high performers like yourself, at The key to success is not just what you know but how you apply that knowledge and gaining access to this treasure trove of information will help you do just that.


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