The Truth: The Hare Almost Always Wins!

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Jun 17, 2024 8:00:00 AM

We’ve all heard that Haste makes waste, the tortoise beats the hare, and slow and steady wins the race. These are familiar sayings, but if you’ve read Dan Kennedy’s recent book, The No B.S. Guide to Succeeding in Business By Breaking ALL The Rules, you’ll see why this is nonsense to the fifth degree.

In today’s fast-paced world, speed and agility are often more valuable than a slow, methodical approach. Taking decisive action can lead to quicker and better outcomes. It often takes swift and direct action to get good results, and even if you’re off the mark, you can readjust along the way. Sometimes, being 90 percent ready is good enough.

In business, speed is a competitive advantage. Waiting until everything is perfect can mean missed opportunities. Look at the tech industry. Companies like Google and Facebook launch products in beta, knowing they’re not perfect. They release quickly, gather user feedback, and make adjustments on the fly. This approach allows them to stay ahead of the competition and continuously improve their offerings. If they waited for perfection, they’d fall behind.

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Fear or Faith The Choice Is Yours

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Jan 10, 2024 8:00:00 AM

While perusing the vault of the Secrets of Success Mastermind Group, I came across a quote by Elsie Lincoln Benedict…

“Fear of Any Kind is a depressant to both the mind and body, while faith stimulates us to attempt and finally accomplish the impossible.”

So many people live their lives in fear. They don’t realize it, but it’s true nonetheless.

For us high achievers, we would never admit to being fearful; we call it stressed.

We fear nothing; we’re just stressed. We’re stressed about an upcoming meeting, we’re stressed about upcoming expenses, and stressed about an upcoming doctor’s appointment, and all the afterschool events we’ve committed to with the kids.

But if you think about what’s at the root of your stress…it’s fear.

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Chose Discipline Over Dopamine

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Dec 5, 2023 12:12:21 PM

In the world of bite-sized information and three-minute video entertainment, those willing to dive deep into a subject—to truly understand and benefit from that discovery—are few and far between.

“Most people would choose the dopamine hit versus discipline.” – Russell Brunson

Most people want to feel good for a moment. They read a post online, some motivational meme, maybe “a positive mind yields a positive life,” or “choose to live with passion.” People read this and they feel good for a moment. They hit the like button and move on. Maybe they decide to share it and really feel they’ve done their part for the day.

Why” Because it’s easy. It’s a feel-good dopamine hit of happiness that requires no real effort. These nuggets of inspiration may be positive or uplifting, but they carry as much weight as a fortune cookie when it comes to impacting your life.

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