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When you schedule a FREE 20 minute call with Parthiv, as a special 'THANK YOU' we will ship you a box of books & other goodies. Our staff will call and ask you what books you like to read and prepare a customized box of reading material just for YOU.

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The initial consultation (Prism call) helps you identify WHO buys from you, WHY they buy from you, WHAT they buy from you and HOW to approach them so consent is eminent. During our initial conversation we will review your business, from the current state to what would you like to see happen in 1 year and the next 3 years. Based on what we learn, you will get specific advice and recommendations on mapping your journey for the next 3 months & 3 years.  



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What Our Clients Say

Kind Words From Master Marketers

Dan Kennedy

Hardest working man in marketing.

Mr. Ryan Deiss, CEO, Digital Marketer

Mr. Clate Mask

Excellent use of campaign publishing tool to publish Business Kamasutra Campaign and Internal Marketing Machine.

Mr. Clate Mask, CEO, Infusionsoft (Keap)

Mr. Dan Kennedy

A very clever thief. He ripped off my Shock and Awe formula and he did it brilliantly.

Mr. Dan Kennedy, Direct Response Marketer, Author, Consultant

Dan Kennedy

Is Your Shock and Awe ‘SHOCKing and AWEing’?

See how Dan Kennedy’s Shock and Awe formula can help you convert more leads into happy customers. Watch a video of Dan Kennedy showing you how to use your "Shock and Awe" package to ask for a referral from a happy client. Read Digital copy of eLaunchers Shock and Awe package.Get Shock and Awe

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