I Can’t Invest In My Business Right Now, The Sky Is Falling! Again?!?

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Aug 14, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

If you watch CNN, or FOX or follow any of the financial news sites, then you’re likely bombarded with bleak forecasts and constant projections of gloom and doom.

There’s talk of recession, dismal job reports and unrest in the markets overseas and abroad loudly discussed by news anchors and bloggers on every major site…all the time.

It’s exhausting. And it’s enough to make even the most seasoned investor consider shoving their nest egg under the mattress.

I’m a firm believer in making your money work for you and investing in your future. I know plenty of successful men and women who’ve increased their worth by investing in the stock market. But the market is by no means a safe or stable place to put your hard-earned cash.

The business owners I know who enjoy robust and sustained wealth did not make their fortune from the S&P 500, Apple, or Tesla. They took their hard-earned profits and invested it in the only business that truly matters…their own.

Investing in your own business is a smart choice during any type of market.  Bull or Bear. It doesn’t matter.   No one knows your business better than you and strategic decisions can move the needle on your wealth throttle more effectively than most market investments.

Choosing to put your money into marketing campaigns, research and development or upgrades with customer experience and customer services yields predictable results and keeps control in your court. A negative jobs report comes out, that’s ok, you know it will have little effect on your daily operations and your investment.

By keeping working capital set aside, you open yourself up to opportunities that may come up. A turbulent market will likely make your competitors hesitant to make bold moves. This can leave gaps in your industry waiting to be filled. When you focus on your own business, you’re more likely to see emerging trends in your industry and opportunities to innovate and gain a competitive edge.

Invest in your own business.  Enhance your skills, expand your team, improve your infrastructure, or build a marketing and sales campaign that draws in your ideal customers and patients. This way while others are investing in the slippery sands of the market, you are building a solid foundation for growth.


Investing in the business that has already delivered you degrees of success is like adding fortification to a stronghold, one that can withstand a deluge of external economic challenges.   Grow your business methodically with proven marketing strategies and operate with sound business principles and you may have would-be investors seeking you out, looking to put their money into a revenue producing safe bet.


Now don’t get me wrong, investing in the market offers a host of opportunities. I know this. You know this. But placing your entire nest egg in such a rickety basket that can sway at the drop of any sensational news report is a risk I personally will not stomach. 


Invest in you. Invest in your own business.   You know where you’re strongest. You know where there is room for growth and improvement. And if you don’t know, call me. Let’s have a conversation and I can help you hunt out the golden nuggets of opportunity waiting to be found in your company and in your industry.


Maybe it’s time to expand your product line or offer a new service. Maybe you need to reduce your dependency on a single market and seek out new and ideal patients, clients or customers who need your services or desire your products.   Find these gold nuggets of opportunity and capitalize on them while your competitors quiver in fear over the latest financial news report claiming the sky is falling.


Invest safely and intelligently in your own business and you can look forward to more than just a quick financial return. You can build your business and your wealth into a legacy. Your business represents your vision, passion, and hard work. By investing in its growth, you're investing in your dreams and aspirations. You can shape your future, build a lasting impact, and leave a legacy for generations to come. This sense of purpose and fulfillment cannot be replicated by playing around in the stock market.

So, my fellow business owner, maybe it’s time to seize the opportunity and embrace the potential that’s within your grasp. The rewards can be beyond measure. If you’re ready to gain a competitive edge, and you’re the type of business owner who understands the value of strategic marketing. Call me or send me a text at 301-873-5791 or go to to book an appointment. Let’s have a conversation and see what golden nuggets of opportunity we can discover for you.


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