How to Sell ANYTHING to ANYONE Part I

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Apr 1, 2024 8:30:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

Hello, my friend and fellow entrepreneur,

Throughout my career, I have worked with some truly exceptional sales and marketing giants. These include Russell Brunson, Dan Kennedy, and Russell Martino, to name a few.

These marketing masters all have a unique way of selling. They all have their own style. Still, there are some rules that these three and every other successful salesperson have in common. And I will share these rules of selling and persuasion with you today and in the next several blogs.

In order to sell anything to anyone, your message must accomplish the following:

Your message must capture and hold your prospect's attention. For your message to connect, it must first engage. That means you have to show up in a way that has people stop and pay attention. Consumers are bombarded with sales messages. You open your email, and there are dozens. Turn on the TV, open a magazine, the newspaper, or even your phone, and you see Ad after Ad after Ad selling you everything from vacations to investment opportunities to arthritis cream. It’s too much and turns into background noise for most of us.

One of the first rules of effective marketing and sales campaigns is to show up in a new and different way. Dan Kennedy, an advocate to the core for Direct Marketing Campaigns, does this brilliantly with "Shock and Awe Packages." This is a sales message in disguise.   A package mailed or FedExed to your prospect's door…not in an email surrounded by dozens of other junk sales messages, not an unwanted ad on social media, but a personalized package addressed to them.   Now you have their attention.

Once you have their attention, you have to keep it. Possibly, the most effective way to do so is to discuss a problem you know your prospect has that you can solve.

Here’s an example.

A dentist selling high-end cosmetic procedures and reaching out to qualified prospects needing tooth replacement or cosmetic services should describe in detail the problems a disfigured smile and missing teeth can cause. How living with missing teeth can result in a cascade of adverse health problems. Leave you feeling embarrassed by your smile and shying away from social situations. Talk about the opportunities that may pass them by because they fear people will judge them because of their teeth. Explain the problem in a way that they relate to, which makes them fearful about continuing on another moment without addressing it.

Once you’ve grabbed your prospect’s attention and explained the problem and the consequences of not having a solution, it’s time to establish yourself as the authority who can help. You want to be seen as the man on the mountain and the solution they seek. This is an extremely important element of an effective sales strategy. And in next week's blog, we will discuss exactly that.

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