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Annual Business Planning for 2019

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Nov 23, 2018 10:46:59 AM

Thanksgiving holiday weekend is an excellent time to review 2018 business plan and begin preparation of a game plan for 2019.

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BYOT: Buy Your Own Technology

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Nov 13, 2018 7:00:23 PM

In order to capture and convert a steady stream of leads, manage the journey of a prospect before their first transaction, and to build out of a life long relationship, you need a system. A system that is made up of rituals, rhythm, and technology that manages your ritual and rhythm.

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How to Attract Local Customers

Posted by Katrina Manning on Jul 10, 2018 2:35:26 PM

Fortunately today thanks to technological advances, the automated world obtains its products through the web, therefore, business or company that does not have a presence or website, simply does not exist. Any business, regardless of its size, can build a strong and reliable presence with a low budget.

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Why you must use Infusionsoft

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 30, 2018 5:21:47 PM

Here is the straight talk about Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft is the system of choice at eLaunchers. That’s what we are trained on, that’s what we are staffed for and that’s the playground where we play. Not only has Infusionsoft given us a powerful platform to build our system, it has also given us the mindset, .the choreography and the direction to grow a business.

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Business Kamasutra: From Persuasion to Pleasure. The art of data and business relations.

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 30, 2018 5:04:31 PM

Kamasutra: The concept of adding pleasure to a relationship

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Business Kamasutra: From Persuasion To Pleasure

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 28, 2018 10:25:08 AM

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Digital Marketer Follow Up Machine

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 23, 2018 12:49:42 PM


Campaign Installation

As you know, eLaunchers.com is a Digital Marketer Certified Partner and as DMCP we are able to implement Digital Marketer Follow Up Machine for our clients, where appropriate. As a part of our normal implementation process, we will install all campaigns from Digital Marketer 'Follow Up Machine'. Customizing these campaigns and deploying them for your business is not included in the fix fee implementation. These campaigns will be recommended as appropriate and a copywriter is assigned to write/customize/swipe copy for these campaign.
  • Digital Marketer - Ascension Campaign and Email Templates
  • Digital Marketer - Blog Launch/Help Me, Help You Segmentation Campaigns
  • Digital Marketer - Engagement Campaign And Email Templates
  • Digital Marketer - Flash Sale Segmentation Campaign
  • Digital Marketer - Goodwill Segmentation Campaigns
  • Digital Marketer - Indoctrination Campaign
  • Digital Marketer - Mini-Class Launch Campaign - Normal Squeeze
  • Digital Marketer - Mini-Class Launch Campaign - Reverse Squeeze
  • Digital Marketer - Re-Engagement Campaign
  • Digital Marketer - Throat Grabber Segmentation Campaigns
  • Digital Marketer - Webinar Registration Campaign
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Internal Marketing Machine

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 23, 2018 11:05:25 AM

The Ultimate Patient Follow Up and Communications System for dentists

Internal marketing machine is an end to end system for a general practice dentist or a specialist engaged in significant dentistry. It is basically Business Kamasutra campaign that is souped up with behavior based targeting/segmentation and patient education material for each individual ailment/treatment modality.
Three set of ailment/treatment specific content cyclers (prospect cycler, unaccepted treatment cycler and accepted treatment cycler) makes the Internal Marketing Machine unique in the industry. Several dozen web assets, over three dozen print assets and several hundred emails working in a perfect symphony build an absolutely amazing patient experience.
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Free Report Campaign
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - New Lead Sequence
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Lead/Prospect Cycler
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM- Long Term Nurture
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Reactivation Campaign (12 months with no visit)
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - New Patient
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Missed Appointments & No Show Appts.
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Patient Cycler - Treatment Completed/Accepted
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Patient Cycler - Unaccepted Treatment
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Birthday Campaign
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Referral Campaign
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Refer a Friend
Beautification of Free Reports and Treatment Cyclers for Internal Marketing Machine
  • Big Problem Dentistry
  • Choosing the Right Dentist
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Periodontal Services (gum disease)
  • Implants
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Straighter Whiter Healthier Teeth
  • TMJ - Migraines
  • Tooth Whitening
Smart Consumer Guides and Free Reports for Dental Patient Education (Canada)
  • SMART CONSUMER’S GUIDE Sedation Dentistry
  • SMART CONSUMER’S GUIDE Tooth Whitening
  • SMART CONSUMER’S GUIDE Cosmetic Dentistry
  • SMART CONSUMER’S GUIDE Big Problem Dentistry
  • SMART CONSUMER’S GUIDE Choosing the right dentist
  • SMART CONSUMER’S GUIDE Straighter Whiter Healthier Teeth
  • SMART CONSUMER’S GUIDE Affordable Teeth Straightening
Smart Consumer Guides and Free Reports for Dental Patient Education (Various dentists in USA)
  • B - Ultimate Consumer Guide to 6 Months Smile
  • B - Perio Report Card
  • B - Comfort Menu
  • B - Smile Guide Service Catalog
  • F - 5 Secrets to Children's Teeth
  • F - 7 Tips for Tooth pain
  • F - 8 Ways to Stop Bleeding Gums
  • F - Amalgam Article Prenatal
  • F - Art of Drinking Diet cola
  • F -  Bruxism
  • F - Herbal Fixes for Broken Teeth
  • F - Special Report 7 Ways to Prevent Cavities
  • F - Special Report 8 Ways to Stop Bleeding
  • F - Special Report ADA Positions on Amalgam
  • F - Special Report Amalgam Facts Free Report
  • F - Amalgams and The Environment
  • F - Are Dental Fillings Toxic to Environment?
  • F - Special Report: Avulsed Tooth
  • F - Special Report: Dental Amalgams: THE FACTS
  • F - Special Report: Herbal Fixes for Broken Teeth
  • F - Special Report: Holistic Dentistry Explained
  • F - Special Report: Holistic Dentistry FAQ
  • R - Adding Back Teeth - Full Dentures
  • R - Adding Back Teeth - Partials and Implants
  • R - A Special Note to Women
  • R - Consequences of Doing Nothing
  • R - Consumer Guide to Affordable Teeth Straightening
  • R - How much should you expect to invest for major dental problems
  • R -  Procrastination
Special FREE Reports professionally written by Master Copywriter Russell Martino and clinically curated by Dr. Greg Wych
  • Wych - Smart Consumer Guide to Facelift Dentures
  • Wych - Smart Consumer Guide to Snoring and Sleep Apnea
  • Wych - Teeth whitening
  • Wych - Dentures
  • Wych - Partial Dentures
  • Wych - Smart Consumers Guide Straight Whiter Healthier Teeth
  • Wych - Do All Extracted Teeth have to be replaced?
  • Wych - Dental Bridges
  • Wych - Should You Talk to Your Family and Friends About dental issues?
  • Wych - Smart Consumer Guide to Migraines
  • Wych - Procrastination Article
  • Wych - Handle Me With Care
  • Wych - Dental Bridges
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Business Kamasutra Campaign

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 23, 2018 10:59:56 AM

Lead Capture and Opportunity Follow Up System

We install and completely customize this campaign for your business as a part of your Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform implementation. Swipe copy is provided for your reference and if the swipe copy is not appropriate for your business, a copywriter will be recommended to write copy for your campaign. The implementation fee includes complete customization of this campaign, the corresponding funnels, the companion digital downloadable assets and companion print assets.

Campaign Beautification

Customizing Your Business Kamasutra Campaign


  • Capture Lead: Free Report Delivery
  • Ship Shock and Awe & Notification Sequence
  • New Lead Sequence – 5 sales letter campaign delivered by email.
  • Telephone follow up script to make appointment
  • Pre-appointment (appointment confirmation) Sequence
  • Appointment No Show – 5 letter sales campaign to re-engage the prospect, delivered by email
  • Appointment No Sale – 5 sales letter campaign delivered by email
  • Sold: Welcome to our company
  • NPS Survey Sequence
  • Promoter Tell-a-friend Sequence
  • Long Term Nurture – 12 emails
The campaign includes 15 sales letters.

Funnel Beautification

Customizing Your Business Kamasutra Free Report or Free Book Funnel

Initial squeeze (Free Digital book offer)

On this page, you are going to make a pitch for your free digital download gift in a video and persuade the prospect to fill out the form on this page and share their contact information. We recommend that you capture name, email AND telephone number and make the telephone field required. Give them a reason to share their email address and telephone number. Tell them what will happen when they give you their name, email and telephone number. Set the stage for the rest of the sales process.

2nd Squeeze (free +S&H) or (free physical) offer

Now that they have 'opted in', thank them for their interest, deliver the digital gift on this page (and via email) and persuade them to buy or ask for your physical package. Describe what you want to send to them (book, work book, CD, DVD, Audio CD, Thumb drive, packet of information, whatever you intend to send them when they share their contact information. Depending on how well you want to qualify them, and especially if you are sending them a copy of your book, it is not inappropriate to ask them to cover a small S&H fee of under $10.

One Time Offer: Upsell to tripwire

In under 25 words, make an offer that they can not refuse and have them buy 'this too' while they are at it. If you are giving everything else for free, ask them to buy your book or a workbook. If you are giving everything for free and asking for a S&H fee, on OTO screen ask for an upsell to a system, a course, access to membership site or an event ticket. Anyone who buys this is a HOT HOT HOT lead.

Thank you page with tell-a-friend offer

On thank you page, express gratitude for going through your process, welcome them to your family, set the stage for what happens next, what you are going to do and what you want them to do. On this page, invite them to share this experience with a friend. Serve up a 'tell‐a‐friend' button that will take them to tell‐a‐friend landing page.

Tell-a-friend landing page

Tell‐a‐friend landing page is a sand alone funnel used by itself also. Normally the URL will be 'YOURNAMELovesReferrals.com'. Here you have a picture of you in a personality pose, a cute (non salesy) tag line about YOU (the human, not the company) and a short note thanking them for considering giving you a referral. Tell them that you will hold their referrals with utmost respect and you will be very nice to them. Ask them to fill out the form that is capturing their name, email and telephone number and their friends name, email, physical address and telephone number. Be sure to tell them that you will be sending something via physical mail and you will not automatically opt‐in their friend in your email sequences or newsletter until their friend consents to your communications.

Tell-a-friend thank you page

Thank them for giving you the referral. Tell them that you are sending them a small gift in the mail so they can look out for it in the mail. Tell them that your office will be calling them to thank them personally and ask you if there is anything special you can do for them. If you have a VIP club for clients who give you referral, welcome them to your VIP club and talk about the benefits of this 'secret' VIP clients club.

Friend welcome page

This is a special version of the front page of the funnel where you are changing the welcome message because the person landing on this page was actually referred to you by their friend. On this page, ask for name, email and telephone number so you can take them through the normal prospect cycle.


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