Business Kamasutra: From Persuasion to Pleasure. The art of data and business relations.

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 30, 2018 5:04:31 PM

Parthiv Shah

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Kamasutra: The concept of adding pleasure to a relationship

Historians say the Kamasutra was composed between 400 BCE and 200 CE. The Kama Sutra is the oldest and most notable of a group of texts known generically as Kama Shastra (Sanskrit: Kāma Śāstra).

In my book, Business Kamasutra: From Persuasion to Pleasure I draw parallels between how humans meet, date & mate and how companies prospect, pitch and close.

When I talk to a new prospect about data science, data intelligence and data driven decision making, they usually don’t understand me. No one wants to have a small talk about big data. Dan Kennedy encouraged me to write a book several years ago, when I attended the TRUST BASED MARKETING event. But no one wanted to read a book called “Don’t Waste Data”.What started out as a hilarious conversation between me and my Infusionsoft rep back in 2013 turned into a book and an Infusionsoft campaign. The seven steps of relationship building described in the info-graphic in this document are identical in both types of relationship building. You can certainly do this yourself without automation, and do it well when you only have to do this one relationship at a time. In business, when you have to emulate this workflow with multiple ‘dates’ and ‘mates’ at the same time, you need an automation system like Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft’s LIFECYCLE MARKETING PLANNER is the official companion work/play book to Business Kamasutra. When you develop your Lifecycle Marketing Plan using the three worksheets, the planner and the workbook, you will have the content you will need to customize your Business Kamasutra campaign in your own Infusionsoft application.

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Our turnkey implementation of Business Kamasutra workflow in your Infusionsoft will provide a very comprehensive, end to end conversion function so your business can automate the journey for your prospects from ‘persuasion to pleasure’ in seven automated steps! Please request your LIFECYCLE MARKETING and BUSINESS KAMASUTRA gift bundle at

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