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Posted by Parthiv Shah on Nov 13, 2018 7:00:23 PM

Parthiv Shah

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In order to capture and convert a steady stream of leads, manage the journey of a prospect before their first transaction, and to build out of a life long relationship, you need a system. A system that is made up of rituals, rhythm, and technology that manages your ritual and rhythm.

A good marketing technology system for an info-first marketer includes:

  1. Marketing Automation Toolkit
  2. Content Publishing Platform
  3. Sales Automation CRM(Customer Relation Management) tool
  4. Central Database: keep track of all the stakeholders.

This is the foundation of any marketing department. You need to understand your current state and future state(100 days, 300 days, 1000 days). What is not getting done? What would you like to see done? What is likely going to happen? Based on answering this question you will determine what technology suite you will buy.

No one piece of technology is ideal for everything. Microsoft used to say “nobody is too small for Microsoft and no one will grow out of Microsoft.” The reality is you cannot do everything using Microsoft. I use Microsoft, but it is not for everyone. I recognize tools such as google sheets, docs, and cloud that provide similar functionality.

For your publishing platform (website, landing pages, blogs, email marketing) you can go with HubSpot, WordPress, and all kinds of systems out there. However, only a trained professional who understands multiple technologies and is really system agnostics can objectively recommend the right technology for you.

As a business owner, it is not your job to pick your technology. It is your job to pick the guy who will help you pick your technology. So, find someone you are willing to trust. Not just today, for the next 300 or more days. Let him/her drive all your technology suite buying decisions and stay out of their way. Advice I give for every business owner is to never ever try to save money on technology. Why? Money you safe from not buying a piece of technology, is money you will waste on having your humans not prepare. The more you spend on technology, less you spend on labor.

The most important first step for you to pick your technology is understanding your business. I have a dozen of question. Questions about your marketing strategy, future goals and more that will narrow down your option leaving you with the perfect piece of technology that will take you to the next step. A technology that your company will grow into rather than a technology that will last you your next 100 or 300 days. If you are reading this, I will not charge you for the advice. Just make sure to tell us where you found out about this when you call.

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