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Elaunchers is a unique industry leading company unlike any company you’ve encountered or worked with before. You see, we’ve managed to create the perfect fusion of marketing and technology to create automated online and offline marketing campaigns… 

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The Club is really free. You just pay for the books you buy, newsletters you subscribe to and events you attend. The club and the study hall is exclusively reserved for CEOs and CMOs of companies with $500K in annual revenue. (No start ups, no micro-businesses, no large corporation employees, no sales people please) We have a strict 'no-pitching/no-poaching policy.
Got over $2.5Million in annual revenue? Come join our ‘10M Club’. It is for CEOs of companies with $2.5M in revenue only.

Meet Parthiv Shah

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Here's what Dan Kennedy says about Parthiv

Parthiv is, frankly, a weird little guy. His head is into all sorts of rocket science applications and systems engineering that gives me a headache. I am personally, rather famously tech resistant, yet I have marketing technology and digital media used for me and for my clients under my direction, to its fullest, legitimately productive extent.

To this end, I often find myself directing people to Parthiv Shah and his organization. They can fill a number of roles. They fully understand my methods, and in many ways, rely on them, even to the point of outright theft, about which I am good-natured because, after all, implementation is everything and business owners need capable implementation partners and facilitators to step in and pick up where I leave off. His ability to get results for his clients by marrying marketing with technology is well-proven.n’ for the exceptional success of their businesses rely on him.


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Celebrity Endorsements

Dan Kennedy

Hardest working man in marketing.

Mr. Ryan Deiss

Mr. Clate Mask

Excellent use of campaign publishing tool to publish Business Kamasutra Campaign and Internal Marketing Machine.

Mr. Clate Mask

Mr. Dan Kennedy

A very clever thief. He ripped off my Shock and Awe formula and he did it brilliantly.

Mr. Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy

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