Why You Need a Mentor as Much as Higher Education to Help You Reach New Heights

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Oct 4, 2019 9:29:53 AM

Parthiv Shah


Nowadays, a degree isn’t a guarantee to success. The job market is a battlefield and diplomas are not the only things that matter.

In fact, HuffPost claims that for the first time college graduates are more likely to be unemployed than an average US citizen. Employers are now looking for skills beyond what a college degree can provide.

So, if you want that dream job, you’ll definitely need to add some extra skills to your resume.

One of the best ways you can get ahead of the curve is by finding a mentor. Mentors can help you make sound career decisions and guide you to overcome hurdles on your way to success. And here’s how:

It opens up opportunities

In a recent survey by CNBC, 71% of employees with a mentor say that their companies are providing them with better opportunities at work. In contrast, less than half of those without mentors can say the same.

Being new in an industry can be daunting. That is why good mentors provide something more valuable than anything you can learn at school in the form of networks and opportunities. This means meeting real people in the industry who matter, and being given recommendations that you wouldn’t have had without a mentor.

The possibilities are out there, as dozens of services are matching budding professionals and future mentors to one another. Find a Mentor and iMentor are well-reviewed platforms you can check. And the best part is these avenues for learning are free.

Future-proof careers

Future-proofing your career means choosing a degree that’s in high demand and getting effective mentors to push you further.

Apple recently announced the names of American universities that have the required standards for its Apple Distinguished Schools program. In the program, it supports “school leaders through leadership events, opportunities to engage with experts, and collaboration with peers”. Maryville University, for one, was recognized in Apple’s 2018-2021 cycle as it has a track-record of technological leadership in education. Through programs like this, you can have access to both courses and mentorship programs that will ensure your career is future-proof.

Personal growth

Mentoring provides the push that you need. As guru and mentor Dan Kennedy highlights, “Everybody is presented with countless opportunities to quit.” Having a mentor means you have someone to look up to or lean on when you need advice on your career. Often, we don’t see our weaknesses and more often than not, we don’t want to hear about them. Mentors provide a constant learning environment while on the job.

Not only that, having a mentor also helps you in achieving your personal goals. A study from the University of Georgia found that mentoring helped cultivate favorable behavioral, attitudinal, health-related, interpersonal, motivational, and career outcomes.

Lastly, mentoring is a relationship you can develop for the long-term. Mentors often operate in the sense of paying it forward after being able to make it. The satisfaction of being able to train and impart skills and knowledge is good enough motivation for them.

Take, for instance, world-renowned artist Olafur Eliasson who regards his mentees as inspirations that give dimensionalities to his ideas. For Eliasson, a well-balanced relationship between a mentor and a mentee is where they both learn from each other. A good and effective mentorship should be a win-win scenario.

Having a mentor is becoming more valuable than a college degree. They stimulate personal as well as professional growth. Mentorship provides the environment for continuous improvement that everyone needs to rise to the top in today’s highly competitive job market.

Post written for by Abigail Roberts

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