Why Is Dental Practice Marketing Different?

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 If you are a dentist interested in dental marketing for their dental practice, you may have come across many agencies that have said they can do marketing for any industry, including dentistry. And therein lies the rub - healthcare is not just a business - it is a vocation that helps and educates people, so they achieve a better quality of life. You are not “just” selling a service or experience - a person’s quality of life and health is directly linked to your work. Very few non-medical industries can claim this, and this is where dental marketing is different.

The Difference Between Dental Marketing And Business Marketing

Dentists are highly trained medical individuals in teeth, gums, etc., but they may not have been trained as highly in the art of business.

With competitiveness soaring in all medical fields, a dentist can no longer rely solely on word-of-mouth referrals (although a referral culture is of paramount importance).

If an experienced dental marketing professional is used, you significantly increase your chances of acquiring ideal patients that suit your practice. 

Dental Practice Marketing Strategies

Successful marketing strategies aren’t copied and pasted from a book nor are they plug-and-play. Instead, medical marketing strategies are carefully built from in-depth research, data analysis, automation planning, referral culture development, client retention, and the application of the Business Kamasutra methodology.

The Human Relationship Business Analogy

Just like planning to find your ideal mate in life, business marketing needs thought, research and planning. You need to know who you want to approach in the market and learn what they like, or your excited chatter will fall on deaf ears while the audience looks for someone else. They would like to “date.” 

The challenge for dental practices is that your market is potentially extremely broad, which sounds great, but it makes medical marketing tougher than regular marketing.

Medical Practice Relevant SEO

In medical industries, it is much harder to have a USP (unique selling point), and, therefore, your SEO (search engine optimization) needs a medical or dental-specific approach. One of the more attractive approaches is educational. Empowering clients, inspiring success stories, and impressive results with loyal patients. In addition, having a strong referral-creating culture will do wonders for your practice!

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Dentists Versus Used Car Companies

Marketing yourself as a medical health provider is seen by some practices as borderline unethical, but marketing should not be seen as hard-selling or snake oil promoting. Medical marketing is not about buy-one-get-one-free or getting a twenty percent discount.

Marketing, as shown in the Business Kamasutra book, is about building relationships, trust, and a desire from the prospect to get to know “you” (your practice) better. This is not the 19th century, so you don’t have time to sit in the town square and bond with the community. The digital world is your town square - chat digitally, share your wisdom online and show the community you care.

Include public relations in your strategy, and it will amplify your relationship-building. 

Marketing Your Practice Effectively

Medical marketing requires a different niche approach because it involves caring for people’s lives. Use a specialist and build long-term client relationships by using our work smarter, not harder methodologies.

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