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Parthiv Shah is the Founder and President of, a locally grown and internationally known digital marketing agency in suburbs of Washington DC. Parthiv is a data scientist, practicing principles of BIG DATA in small business space. Parthiv core competency is market segmentation, list research and data hygiene. helps professional practices, specifically dentists, orthodontists, physicians and attorneys stay in touch and follow up with their patients or clients using proven direct response marketing techniques and marketing automation technologies. Over 300 dentists, physicians and other clients from 27 states in USA and over 8 other countries have benefited from working with Parthiv is the author of his International Best Seller book Business Kamasutra, with foreword from Dan Kennedy. which was also re-published as a special edition of Business Kamasutra for Dentists with expert commentary from Dr. Gregory Wych. Parthiv's upcoming book 'Copy That Sells' is co-authored with marketing legend Dan Kennedy. Parthiv is a co-author or contributor to six other books and his work routinely appears in various direct response publications including GKIC magazine and Dan Kennedy letter. Parthiv is routinely invited to speak as technology expert at direct marketing conferences and small group mastermind sessions. Parthiv's professional passion is fail safe follow up. Parthiv is the publisher of the Internal Marketing Machine for dentists and orthodontists that facilitates patient education and long term nurture so a dentist can stay in touch with current, past and prospective patients and deliver the right message to the right patient at the right time using email, print and telephone. Internal Marketing Machine is home to over 400 emails, over 60 printed publications and over three dozen web assets all controlled by a data intelligence process that is connected to over a dozen dental practice management systems like Dentrix and Eagle Soft. The patient education content is professionally written by high profile direct response copy writers, clinically curated by successful Dentists and Orthodontists and field tested in the market to have proven track record of success. Principles of Internal Marketing Machine and Fail Safe Follow Up Protocol are taught by several dental practice growth coaches and consultants. Parthiv's personal passion is to help young students fall in love with direct response marketing and acquire hard skills in internet marketing literacy while going through high school and college. Parthiv's learn to earn internship program has taken in over 57 students since 2009. ALL 57 students are either gainfully employed in their chosen field of studies or are still in college, learning what they love to learn. The learn to earn internship framework has also been offered as a returnship for stay at home moms and returning war veterans who want to re-enter the American workforce. Over fifteen stay at home moms and US Military veterans have benefited from this program. Parthiv has contributed over $250,000 in paid internship stipends and intern wages not counting the thousands of hours priceless hours spent by himself and eLaunchers staff who take the young students under their wings and make them marketable. Internship at eLaunchers only starts, it never ends. If any of Parthiv's intern fails to get a job, Parthiv will take them back and re-train them. was named Small Business of The Year in 2016 and Parthiv was inducted in GKIC direct response hall of fame in 2017. While Parthiv got his MBA in 1994, he has been a life long student of direct response marketing, marketing automation principles, database marketing, data intelligence and technologies that facilitate marketing. Parthiv has a desire to some day join a doctoral program and do a desertion paper on the subject of pixel estate. Parthiv believes that the internet is a SPACE that is as real as REAL ESTATE, and that makes every business owner who has any presence on the internet a pixel estate investor. Like real estate, your pixel estate has your campus with specific PLACE for every pixel structure. Your pixel estate is blueprinted by systems architects, your pixel assets are built by skilled developers. A very special place called home page is the gateway to your campus on pixel estate. This theorizes that every business with even the most modest presence on the web a pixel estate investor. Modern history has shown that companies who have higher investment in their pixel estate portfolio compared to their real estate portfolio have out performed their rivals by land slide. Parthiv is working with his guide Dr. Stephen Roulac on developing an algorithm and comparison model that will help business owners decide what their pixel estate portfolio could be. Parthiv believes that your pixel estate portfolio is part of a comprehensive marketing portfolio that is made of pixel estate, paper estate, people estate and data estate. Parthiv's origins in to direct marketing come from his direct mail background. Parthiv has worked for over 10000 direct mail marketing projects and mailed over a billion (with a B), over a billion pieces of direct mail. Parthiv is a GKIC Certified Magnetic Marketing Advisor (2010), Infusionsoft Certified Partner (2011), Digital Marketer Certified Partner (2014), Click Funnels Certified Partner (2015) and Hubspot Certified Partner (2017). In addition, Parthiv is trained on, ZOHO, Microsoft Dynamics and six other cloud based and desktop CRM systems. While the company was born in 2002, Parthiv only began working with Dentists and orthodontists since 2010. Parthiv is a veteran from Indian Air Force, member of Lions Club, a Leadership Montgomery Core Program graduate (class of 2016) and a proud dad of an Eagle Scout. Parthiv lives with his wife Dipali Shah and his parents in Maryland. Their son Rahul Shah is a student at Rochester Institute of Technology and a recipient of prestigious Presidential Scholarship at RIT. Rahul is studying for a Bachelors degree in Human Centered Technology with concentration in Learning Systems and Accessibility with emersion in American Sign Language. Upon graduation, Rahul wants to contribute his talents to the field of distance learning and computer assisted learning for hearing impaired students.
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False Metrics That Appear Real

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Marketing Versus Sales

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When I first came to America, I was shocked at the cultural differences.

Everything was different from attitudes to the way people interacted with each other in daily life, even how they shopped. But the most interesting thing to me was how businesses marketed and sold their products and services. India – like much of the third world - has little marketing. Business owners in third-world countries focus on sales and negotiating. Mostly, this is because people in third world countries buy products and services they need. Conversely, in America people buy what they WANT.

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Focused Time Increases Productivity

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What Do eLaunchers and S.W.A.T. Teams Have In Common?

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SWAT: A designated law enforcement team whose members are recruited, selected, trained, equipped and assigned to resolve critical incidents involving a threat to public safety which would otherwise exceed the capabilities of traditional law enforcement first responders and/or investigative units.[2]

eLaunchers is a unique, industry leading company unlike any you have seen or worked with before. Because they have created the perfect fusion of marketing and technology for effective, automated, online and off-line marketing campaigns.


In other words, they are both the best of the best.

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