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Posted by Parthiv Shah on Apr 29, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

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I believe that internet is a place, and just like you have a real estate you have in the real word, you have a pixel estate in the internet. That means any business who has any presence, even a small Facebook page, is a pixel investor. If you look at the terminology used in the Internet of Things architecture build out, it all references they are on earth counter parts in real estate. There is a very important place of you in the pixel world which is the path way to your pixel estate. It is called your homepage, but in reality it is a gateway to your pixel estate campus.

Your homepage needs to be strategically made because it has to cater to every type of visitor it serves. Below, I listed the type of visitors that come to your website in detail.

  1. People who come to you for logistics reason. They are driving to your office in a direction, they want to cancel an appointment and need to make a phone call. They are to download something in the middle of a transaction and they are using your website as a resource. Your website needs to cater to that.
  2. People ready to buy. They have been reading up on you, thinking about you, visited your website a couple of times, they know that you are the right one for them, and they are ready to buy. You need to cater to them and get them to either a buy now or get started for free or get into an engagement of some sort. If you look at, my navigation will basically give you a place for you to interact with me. However, if you are not ready to buy now, you can get started for free.
  3. People who visited but not ready to buy. You want to have resources, ungated content, videos, articles they can use and benefit from right away, so they are building an affinity in their heart.
  4. They are not humans. They are web crawler, search engines. They read your web content once and decide where in a search engine you will be found. Hence, your website needs to be not only human friendly, but search engine friendly as well.

Your website also needs to be compatible with all devices. A large percentage of people visit your website from a mobile device. When you use a reputable off the shelf technology like WordPress or HubSpot CMS, the rules of the game are predefined. WordPress is a lot more customizable. The core framework and infrastructure is sort of free, you just need a place to host it and a competent technician who can build it out for you. HubSpot CMS is a framework for designing, building, and hosting your website blog and landing pages in one pre-orchestrated infrastructure.

It doesn’t matter what foundation you are using, you want to be cognisant of what is on your homepage, what is your navigation structure, how people interact, and are you really catering to all visitors to your website. You want to have call to actions and ways to gather data on your homepage to engage your user.

There is a framework called growth driven design that helps you strategize what your homepage and website should look like. You can click the link or talk to me about it. Make sure you have the best design to get the most out of your investment.

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