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Posted by Parthiv Shah on Nov 8, 2018 1:56:00 PM

Parthiv Shah

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In order to grow your business, you are going to need three things. These three things can only be successful when applied together. You cannot have one on its own and expect to grow and be successful. If anything, you are losing money, time, and effort to get that one part up without the others. After you have these three things, you will acquire growth that is triggered by your efforts and managed by your diligence. You do not need anything else other than all three. Here are the three things:

1. Steady stream of leads:
When you have full control over the volume, variety, and velocity of your inbound traffic, you have a steady pipeline or a steady stream of leads. This is the part most business stop. They run ads or pass out flyers and think their job is done. They could be generating millions of traffic, but that does not mean they are successfully growing. They must follow the second step.

2. Mechanism to capture and convert those leads:
After having the traffic, you must capture, nurture, and convert those traffics. You need to transform the noise or chatter into conversation, then into opportunity, then into transaction, then to relationship, then into advocacy as a source of referral. This journey is the only time you will get the return on the hard work you put into generating those leads.

Elaunchers has created a system called Ultimate Conversion Concept Platform that is made up of the 8 elements you see on the picture above. When I take on a private client for near six figures, this is the system that I use. When you get the Elaunchers Department in a Box, you will also get the templates that I used and is ready for customization. It is like a pizza dough. I make pizza dough, so when someone needs pizza, I can get to pizza fast. When you are buying Elaunchers Department in a Box, you are buying the pizza dough.

3. Mechanism to measure and monitor:
The most important rule of these three things is knowing what works and what doesn’t work. About half the things you try on marketing fails, which means you lost money. From the half that actually work, half of that produces enough money to pay for themselves but they are not a blockbuster. The rest have the responsibility to shoulder all the marketing expenses. So, it is very important to measure success and failure to document the lessons learned and move on.

I have made a blog explain this third and most important step in growing your business. I also have a wonderful surprise giveaway for my readers. You can click link to access it.

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