There’s a Reason Athletes Always Thank Their Mothers...

Posted by eLaunchers on Apr 21, 2020 8:00:00 AM


Have you ever heard that Bill Cosby bit about raising a son?


He talks about how he taught him to play football, and how he taught him to be a champion. 


He talks about taking him to practice, playing football with him at home, making sure his skills are honed and razor sharp…


Then when he gets on the college team he is a rising star. 


Bill talks about the pride a father feels when his son scores the game winning touchdown, how his son dances, how his team lifts him up on their shoulders…


Then when the camera is on him he says, “Hi Mom!”


What?  Mom?!?!


It’s funny because it is true, and it’s true because Mom nurtured the boy from the time he was a baby.  


You see, we appreciate the people who teach us, but we LOVE the people who nurture us.  This is such a basic concept of human psychology I am stunned when I see markets who are not nurturing their prospects properly.  


Sure, there is a place for the stern but loving parent….


The stern part is easy, it is the loving part that most marketers miss. 


Look, if you do not care about your prospects, then they will know that.  They will appreciate what you show them, and teach them, and how you help them…


But until you love and nurture them they will not care that you helped, taught, and showed them.  


When you do care about them, and when you nurture them and your relationship with them, then everything changes…




The key to building powerful, meaningful, and profitable relationships with your client is to nurture them.  It’s not hard, and it’s critical.  


And if you aren’t doing it, you’re leaving loads of money on the table.


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