The Plain Truth About Panic

Posted by Dan Kennedy on Jun 2, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Dan Kennedy

Why does so much panic spread so quickly and easily through so many people whenever tough times occur in a given industry or profession, or the national economy?
Without deep roots, a tree topples in the storm. What are 'deep roots' for the business owner, entrepreneur or sales professional?
One: a system of selling and conducting business that has proven reliable and profitable, from which he can draw confidence, and which he can stick to with reasoned persistence. If he is advertising and marketing to attract customers, selling to them, retaining and multiplying them without a system, by random and erratic and even impulsive acts, with unplanned and disorganized effort, he'll be blown off course by a stiff breeze.
Two: a support network including continuous in-flux of legitimately useful how-to
information; coaching by people that are themselves tested by tough times and proven successful; encouragement and motivation from like-minded, optimistic, forward-thinking business people. Absent this, with no counter-balance to the relentlessly and excessively negative voices of media and peers, he'll bend then break early in his career, not late.

Three: a productive and profitable personal philosophy sharpened with reading, listening; study of successful achievers; association with the confident and capable, so that he is conditioned to be opportunistic, to search for and exploit the opportunities always concealed behind adversity. If he is not daily improving his personal philosophy, he is weakening from the inside out, the core hollow. When Bilbo Baggins said, "I do not like adventures because they make me late for dinner", he expressed profound personal philosophy governing thoughts, actions and outcomes. When someone says something as simple as "I don't have time to process all that information - I have my business to run", he unwittingly reveals profound personal philosophy as well. You have to investigate your own personal philosophy and evaluate how it helps or hinders in weathering storms, in navigating rough seas, in unearthing hidden treasure.

A productive and profitable personal success philosophy. A trustworthy support network. A sound, organized system. These assets do not develop by accident, luck or randomness. Successful people very deliberately work at developing them, seek to
connect to the people and resources and associations most helpful in developing them - and once connected, never risk disconnecting. They strategically assemble these assets in keeping with their own goals, strengths and weaknesses. Key word: strategically. 
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