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Posted by Parthiv Shah on Nov 9, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

My friend Gil grew up on a dairy farm in the 1960s. His parents bought a farm that came with an ancient three-bedroom house. When they had their first couple of children, it worked fine. However, when they had more kids than bedrooms, his Dad realized he needed a bigger house, so he started adding extensions.

He didn't worry about drafting blueprints, building codes, fire regulations, electrical codes, or any of those other silly things. He kept adding extensions until they stopped having children.

The result was a jumble of a Frankenhouse. Some bedrooms had too much heat; some bedrooms had no heat. There were two bathrooms. The one upstairs had no heating, and a bathtub, the new one on the main floor had the luxury of heat and a shower. There were two kitchens; one had the modern amenities, including running water and heat, the old kitchen had heat but was always cold. There was no basement, so the main floor was freezing.

The house was in a constant state of renovation. When his Dad started digging to add a new extension, he frequently hit the phone line, which cut off the entire neighborhood's telephone connection.

Many organizations "plan" and "organize" their software systems the same way as Gil's Dad built his house. It's not a criticism; it's a reality.

When Gil's parents started a family, they were so busy earning a living and raising seven children that they built additional rooms as quickly and cheaply as possible to accommodate their growing household. When you start a business, you are so busy keeping all the balls in the air that you grab a quick software solution when a problem appears.

Over time, more issues pop up, and so do software fixes. Because they are not designed to be integrated, you cobble them together with various third-party applications. Much like Gil's family home, your software ends up resembling a "Frankensoft" environment.

Although Frankensoft allows you to choose and deploy the best software from multiple companies quickly, it has significant drawbacks. In Gil's family home, the rooms did not integrate with a central heating, electrical, and plumbing system, which meant something was always missing or breaking down, and the house was unsafe.

The same thing happens to your Frankensoft environment. Patching up all the little things that continually break down becomes more expensive in the long run than if you had paid for one or two more significant programs with a couple of vendors. Frankensoft also becomes a nightmare to support because vendors don't necessarily know how to or want to support each other’s programs.

Eventually, Gil's parents sold the farm to a carpenter who rebuilt the house according to code. It's now a beautiful, structurally sound, fully functional, safe farmhouse. 

Eventually, your Frankensoft system will break down and harm or destroy your business efficiency and growth. Sooner or later, you will have to face a final reckoning and rebuild your TechDeck, starting with a blueprint of what your businesses plan, marketing strategy, marketing plan, and user workflows require.

BRENT takes the legwork and guesswork out of selecting the right software. We've done the research and found the most efficient and cost-effective tools that attract visitors, convert leads, and support inbound marketing. The technologies used to empower your BRENT include:

  1. 1. Hubspot

This is an "all in one" tool for inbound marketing and sales. It attracts visitors and converts prospects into qualified leads who then turn into customers. It integrates numerous functionalities such as email and eCommerce automation, social media, keyword research, and website analytics. It works well with small and mid-sized businesses that already have a sales team and want to attract and maximize sales through a funnel. It saves you time and money by centralizing your marketing, sales, and customer service departments.

  1. 2. Active Campaign

This is an automated, cloud-based customer experience software platform for small and mid-sized businesses. It helps you manage, engage, and maintain a customized customer relationship with marketing, email marketing, website messaging, and sales automation.

  1. 3. Keap

Is an automated CRM, email, and e-commerce sales tool for small businesses. It allows you to manage and optimize your customer relationship lifecycle through marketing/email automation, lead capture, and e-commerce.

  1. 4. Click Funnels

As its name suggests, allows you to build your entire sales funnel, sell and promote your products online. It does this by automating your customer sales process from beginning to end. 

  1. 5. WordPress

is a free and publicly accessible (open-source) website building and content management software platform.  You can add plugins to the website to provide additional functions such as Yoast, which helps you optimize your SEO content. Another example is WPForms, a plugin that enables visitors to input their information so you can get in touch with them.  


Which one of these is best for your business? Although it sounds like a cliché, your business is unique, which makes your business needs unique. Mapping out your business plan, marketing strategy, and marketing plan while defining your customers and staff will determine your user flow. These factors will then set the stage for creating the blueprint for your TechDeck.

If you reach out to my office, I will happily help you map out your campaign blueprint to implement the workflow yourself or hire a consultant to implement it for you. I will even provide guidance and advice to help you choose a consultant. When I'm not making money, I'm making friends; I need them both.

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