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Last time we reviewed Magnetism as it relates to attraction, persuasion, Magnet Marketing.  Today I’d like to share with you what I believe are the points of positivity that establish the magnetism strategy. 

Mindset is the key to not only attracting lots of interested prospects, it is also the development of a positive approach to life in general.

I’ve collected several points of mindset and its value in marketing and life.  Here they are for your benefit.  You don’t need every single one of these to “get it right” but focusing on each of the following will provide an overall mindset built on positivity.

  • Smile, Smile, Smile – Remember the old black and white film where Mae West asks W.C. Fields “Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you happy to see me?” Well, these characters based their interaction on laughable inuendo that somehow escaped the censors of the day. My point is, they were upbeat, positive, and resonation with their audience.

Approach your personal life and work life with a positive mindset from the first moment your eyes open in the morning.   A positive attitude makes for a much better day than does one that begins with a feeling of drudgery, fear, anxiety or anger. 

People have a hard time having to deal with someone that is bitter, complaining, despondent or just unhappy with anything and everything.  Examine your own life.  Do you have positive relationships with negative people? Your prospects will not bother with messaging that is upsetting, negative or demotivating. 

Find ways to keep your attitude in check despite what comes at you.  If you become unfocused, distracted or upset, take a break, walk away from what you’re doing and take time to settle down and readjust your mindset.

  • Research Your Ideal Avatar – Deep research is required to clearly depict your ideal client’s persona/avatar. Don’t rely on your own suppositions, biases or misconceptions.  Identify the demographics, psychographics, behaviors, emotions, and the geo-graphics. 

Learn as much as you can by not only reaching all these characteristics but take the time to speak with as many as you can to truly get into their head.  Learn their underlying issues that cause their “pain” to be what it is. 

Just like the story Dan Kennedy speaks about with the hard of hearing wife speaking to her husband that she’s worried about the children. The husband thinks her pain is that she misses the chirping of the birds, the difficulty in hearing the television. He believes that she’s disheartened because she’s not able to go out to lunch and dinner with her friends because she’s embarrassed about always having to inquire “what did she say?”

Dan stated that marketers of hearing aids all had it wrong.  People with that condition aren’t concerned about not hearing well.  The underlying root of the pain was that the woman feared her children would usher her off to a nursing home for early dementia.  It is suspected that the lack of hearing is a result of the synapses in the brain to cease to fire appropriately resulting in dementia.  That is what her REAL pain point is.

The proper mindset is critical to uncover everything you can about your prospect.  So think deeply about the characteristics of your avatar and don’t jump to early conclusions.  Take the time to walk in their moccasins to truly understand what is going on in their heads.

  • Craft the Right Messaging – Now that you’re in a positive, uplifting mood, you’ve thoroughly researched as much as possible (do you know what they like for breakfast?) and possess a clear picture of them in your head, put the messaging together that is the solution to their inner pain.

We all know that those who resonate with us will make more than one move to obtain our content.  Frequent readers of our blog, those who download reports, spend time reviewing multiple pages of our websites are sending silent messages that they are interested in our products or services.  Craft messages and offers to them that resonate, provide Value, and keep them interested. Oh, and always tell the truth.

If you find that some of your content is not making much of an impact, change the message.  Test headlines, update copy, perhaps the imagery is not aiding but detracting from it.

Focus on what you believe the prospect wants.  Do the same for your internal marketing as well.  Your existing clients need to be kept informed, provided offers that increase the value of your relationship.  Too often marketers are focused only on adding new clients when the least expensive clients come from within.

The clarity of your content is critical to building the relationship. If your messaging is scrambled and there is no clear-cut path forward, you’ll lose their interest. So be clear in what you’re trying to convey and be clear what you want them to do.  Craft messages with CTA’s.  A blog article, social post, or ad should clearly tell the prospect or client exactly what you want them to do. 

  • Tout Your Brand –You’re unique. You’ve got the perfect solution for your ideal client’s pain. There is no one like you, you’re the answer to life’s challenges.  Tell the world about it.  Don’t hide your light under a basket, so to speak.

Your “secret formula” is the ONLY one of its kind in the marketplace, so shout your special sauce and make sure you’re heard.  Don’t be bashful.  Own it. 

Your mindset is of foremost importance when you are blowing your own horn.  If you feel embarrassed about bragging, don’t. It isn’t bragging if it is the truth.  However, if you cannot get your mind wrapped around that belief, share your testimonials as often as possible.  People will believe other people.  After all, social media is the new word of mouth, so post a testimonial every time you receive one. 

If you’re not proud of your product or service, improve it.  If it is selling just fine, leave it alone.  Sometimes good enough is good enough.  But don’t think for a moment that your so-called competition is reaching the same heights as the quality and uniqueness of your offerings. Make them that way.

  • Follow Through – If you promised something, follow through on it. Nobody likes a person or company for that matter to say one thing and do another. Or, not follow through on statements that the recipient expects to happen.

Your content comes in many forms these days. Everywhere from the website and blog, to video, audio, display and print.  Make sure you are consistent in not only your messaging, but your branding.  Image has a lot to do with respect, so follow through on ensuring that the colors are right, the size of the font is correct, the message is clear and the call to action is compelling. 

Don’t make promises or assurances that you cannot or will not substantiate.

These mindset creators and supporters are the all-important means by which you can positively impact your prospects and clients.  Mindset beats intellect, skillset, and ability.  Having the right mindset can separate you from all others in your market segment if you follow these points of pride in yourself, your products and services, and your brand. 

I’d like to leave you with something to consider, take to heart and share.  

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