Lead Generation Tactics For Small Businesses

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Lead generation is the foundation of any business. From knocking on doors a hundred years ago to AI scanning the internet today, your sales funnel always needs to be full. As a small business, where do you start? We hope to launch you in the right direction today, so buckle up!

What Is Lead Generation?

In digital marketing, a lead is an internet user who shows interest in your brand by liking a post, visiting your website, subscribing to a channel, or filling out a form to receive a newsletter or download.

Attracting interest in your products from targeted internet users is called lead generation. Next, you need to maintain that attention, win their trust, retain the relationship, generate sales, and go back to the “maintain their attention” phase in the cycle. 

Read About The Data & Trust Cycle In The Business Kamasutra!

Why Use Lead Generation Instead Of General Advertising?

Lead generation is a strategic, targeted approach that carefully spends the budget where it will make the most impact. General advertising barely creates a ripple. Correctly done lead generation puts quality leads in front of your sales NURTURING team. It also has powerful byproducts:

  • Increasing brand exposure to the right market segment
  • The right targets are engage
  • Data is harvested
  • Collaboration opportunities appear
  • Your sales pipeline fills with quality

So How Do You Do Lead Generation?

There is no generic, one-size fits all lead generation strategy, and finding your perfect fit will require a few test strategies. Remember: Your website is THE pivotal part of all lead generation strategies. Here are some options:

Gated Content - Gated content (‘fill out this form to get this download/secret/other’) will engage the visitor and, voila, they are a lead. Businesses offer ebooks, recipes, discounts, videos, tools, etc.  The recipient might share your gift, increasing brand exposure.

Business Newsletter - Leads who find the quality content on your website interesting might sign up for a newsletter. This keeps your brand front-of-mind with leads and is a channel for nurturing. Include time-limited specials, helpful tips, public relations updates, celebrity or influencer interviews, etc.

Increase Inbound Marketing - Constant outbound marketing can be pushy. Don’t try to get to “second base” fast or they will slam the door in your face. Content marketing is an excellent inbound marketing tool so share valuable information on topics that interest your audience. 

Be Your Own Webinar Presenter - Webinars develop personal relationships fast, and more than half of all marketers stated in a survey that webinars generate excellent leads. It requires a laptop, webcam, ring light, and webinar platform like Zoom. Tip: Add gated content and get sign-ups for a recording of the webinar.

Free Trial Offers - This wipes away the risk and lowers the barrier to onboarding. It also gets your foot in the door to demonstrate your great product and service over an extended period, e.g., 30 days or 3 months. 

The Viral Giveaway Debate - Marketers are split 50/50 on this one. Some say that the quality of leads is low and others say it is more about brand exposure and developing gravitas. This will then lead to encouraging quality leads.

Become A Podcaster - Podcasts effectively engage with a willing audience and it is super easy to start. You will need recording equipment, a topic your target audience likes, podcast name, brand, platform (e.g., Podcast Republic), and a publishing calendar.


Lead generation means revenue generation, so it should be a priority. However, don’t forget to have fun with it and get your audience swept up in the enjoyment. Remember, it is not a sales-stalking campaign!

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