Is Email Dead For Growing Your Dental Practice?

Posted by Richard Bueckert on Aug 4, 2022 12:30:13 PM

You might be thinking "Email isn't working anymore." And if you're using email

for follow-up and retention the same way you did before the lockdowns, you're

probably right. Here's the good news - it's not working for other dentists in

your trading area either. There's better news too - email is still the most

cost-effective way to market and grow your practice IF you make a few changes

and deploy it using an OMNICHANNEL strategy.


Oh... The BEST news? I can virtually assure you that no other dental office in

your area is doing this right now. And for the practices that get on this early,

being the first means YOUR PRACTICE will win the 80/20 war with you getting the

80 and the other local practices scrapping it out over the remaining 20.


We're experts at creating OMNICHANNEL strategy but you might be wondering - What

is it? Simply put, OMNICHANNEL is the process of systematizing the prospect's

journey and injecting timely, specific messaging exactly when it's needed to

move the prospect ever closer to becoming a paying patient.


Traditionally, "Sales & Marketing" were 2 distinct processes. "Marketing" was

the process of information the prospect about your services and "Sales" was the

process of getting them to choose your practice as their service provider.


With OMNICHANNEL, we fuse the 2 together so that the prospect moves effortlessly

and seamlessly to become a new (or returning) patient.


The foundation of OMNICHANNEL is a measurement at each step of the process. For

example, imagine you run an ad for a month on Facebook and 500 people opt-in to

get your "offer." At the end of the month, 5 people became new patients. That's

great but what about the other 495? Most dentists would ask "Where did they go?"

It's the wrong question. The right question is "WHEN did they go?"


By answering "WHEN" instead of "WHERE" we're able to drill down and either

optimize the email OR add additional targeted media to support the email

campaign. This way, we are able to significantly reduce that 495 number because

after all, you PAID for those leads so does it make sense to not optimize and

just throw them in the trash?


Of course not.


And here's where it gets interesting because all the other dentists in your

local area are doing the exact same thing, with the exact same offers, and

they're getting the exact same results - 5 new patients and 495 leads in the

trash. A whopping 1% conversion rate from lead to patient. Not a very good plan

is it?


With OMNICHANNEL, that 1% can almost always become 5%. And that's with ZERO

increase in your Facebook ad costs. Imagine what an additional 20 new patients

-EVERY MONTH - are worth to your practice year after year. Right now,

OMNICHANNEL is still new. Very few dentists have even heard about it. The first

one to use it in a local market WILL be the market leader and will have such a

head start that catching up will be nearly impossible for other practices. 


Don't squander the opportunity you have right now. Schedule your complimentary

15-minute call HERE.

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