How Do You Uniquely Benefit Your Target Market?

Posted by eLaunchers on May 31, 2022 8:07:00 AM


Most businesses fail to create an image of their ideal client - an "avatar" that gives them a crystal-clear picture of "who" they are marketing to. As a result, the marketing that's produced is wishy-washy and achieves sub-par results, causing the business owner undue stress and expense.

Elauncher clients start with a well-crafted, detailed description of their best, ideal buyer and then work with them to determine exactly how their products and/or services uniquely benefit those buyers.

First, we use the avatar to look for opportunities that are overlooked by our clients’ competitors. A great example of this was a local auto repair shop that realized most of its best customers lived in several nearby condominium towers.

With our client, we determined that there was an opportunity to provide seasonal tire storage for these customers - a service that was not offered by other local auto repair shops.

Next, once the opportunity was identified, we brainstorm with the business owner to determine how to best market the newly exploited opportunity. With the auto shop, they had done an excellent job of collecting email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and physical addresses. We decided to use email as the first means of presenting the offer followed one day later by a "direct-to-voicemail" message from the auto shop owner. After a week, an oversized postcard was sent and on the mailing day a text message was sent to advise the client to "keep a lookout for the big postcard with a really special offer". As customers responded, they were removed from the campaign so they would not receive further offers.

Once we had the campaign figured out, we looked for ways to boost sales even more by shopping for winter tires from the big franchise retailers and putting all the data into a table where they could see how the local auto shop was price competitive with the big box stores and explained how he was much more convenient.

Needless to say, the campaign was a raging success and was a big part of the client having a record sales year.

Now, is this a lot of work? Absolutely. And should you have to do this much work? Well, that's a question only you can answer. But, if you were an auto shop located close to my auto shop client, we'd have eaten your lunch.

Alternatively, when you invest the time and effort to engineer a campaign that uniquely fills a need in the market, you not only create a marketing asset, you will create a system that can be used over and over to literally create income at will. Imagine the benefit to you if you decided to sell your business down the road and you could PROVE to your prospective buyer that your business has systems in place that "generated income on demand". The premium a buyer would pay for your business would be significant.

If all this sounds good to you, all you need to do - right now - is use the link below to book a complimentary consultation with Parthiv Shah. We look forward to hearing from you!


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