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High-Value Clients Don’t Grow on Trees

Posted by eLaunchers on Aug 20, 2019 1:56:00 AM


Lofty expectations and modest checkbooks do not a high-value client make.  In fact, most of the clients to whom you currently provide service probably fall into that category. I know the early days of my business housed clients such as these.

high value clients dont grow on treesIt wasn’t that I didn’t value my clients. It wasn’t that I thought too little of them. I thought too little of, and didn’t value myself. That was the problem.  My sense of worth was clouded, as was my clarity of purpose. I thought that my clients would some day be high-value if I kept them long enough.  I was confused and dismayed by my own thinking.



Have you ever been there?  Have you ever been deluded to the point that your thinking was bass ackwards?  Did you ever think that lifetime client value meant anything other than its true meaning? It’s more about creating raving fans and loyalty to that of a monarch.  Not because we have decreed that the client stay with us at any cost. Because they will pay anything you ask for the benefit of having you in their life. That’s what expands client lifetime value.

Perhaps you’re different than I just expressed. Good for you. You’ve already learned the lesson of valuing your worth in your business.  Perhaps you’ve overcome the trials of learning your true value. For me, it took a while. Today is different than in years past.

I now am in a position that I don’t have to take on everyone that wishes me into their life.  No longer do I have to chase after high-value clients. They seek me. My reputation as The Implementor is well-known and widespread.  I receive referrals from my loyal clients. I receive referrals from my fellow data enthusiasts.

quick look at the referral processDan Kennedy speaks of Clarity of Purpose.  Becoming clear about one’s self. Clarity in attracting the clients at the top of the Prospect Pyramid, that 5%. Creating a High Value Client Marketing Machine is how to skin this banana.  I became and now that is one of our leading service offerings. A Done For You Marketing Machine that generates the right kind of leads, takes care of both external and internal marketing so our client attracts and keeps high-value clients for themselves.  

High-Value clients or patients don’t just happen. When you cultivate a culture of providing goods and services that are so well-thought-of it isn’t hard to attract great clients.  We’re so good at serving High-Value Clients that we’ve a service package offering with the exact name.  We call it HVC for short.

100 grandWhat Would an Extra $100,000 in new revenues mean to your business?


Our High-Value Client package offers services. Few, if any of my contemporaries can offer.  It comes with fully-customized professional copywriting from Russell Martino, our Conquest Copywriter. It also comes with professional oversight and personal recommendations from the man himself-Dan Kennedy.  Dan personally oversees (read a letter by Dan about HVC) every word of copy that is written for these “HVC” clients, with recommendations to perfect the messaging and offers by Dan.  For a peek behind the curtain, click here.  Additionally, specialized automation campaigns, specific data science auditing and analyzation to ensure the top line revenues burst off the page, and bottom-line profits continually rise beyond expectation.

When you work with clients that pay premium fees, they have higher expectations.  They also have a sphere of influence that can prove to be very beneficial once they are seated at the “raving fan” table and ready to share contacts as referrals.  HVC clients are just that, High-Value.  They stick around longer, are happier, are a pleasure to work with, and therefore I don’t have to have a boatload of clients to make a good living.  I sleep better at night.

Want to shift your market to the high-value client in your target market? Shift your messaging. Think strategically, as premium paying clients are seeking more than merely the opportunity to work with you.  They will be drawn to a well-oiled machine that performs as described, above expectations.

To find out more about our High Value Client Marketing Machine, drop me a line and let’s talk. You know I love helping my fellow marketers. I’m at your service to share everything I know.


PS – To download Russell Martino’s sixteen-page report on High-Value Client program, click here now.

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