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It is impossible to deny that Facebook is the most popular and relevant social network in the world. Over its years, Facebook created businesses, innovated internet advertising, and caused a lot (and I mean A LOT) of controversy over private data management.


Despite the notoriety, Facebook is a force that can make your sales go through the roof - and that is why it is incredibly important to make use of it. Fortunately, you're in the right place to learn some valuable tips on how to make your Facebook marketing campaign successful.

1) Embrace Facebook ad editor. Facebook has a built-in ad editor, called Canvas Ads. It offers an incredible variety of tools to visualize your ads. You can edit your ads in video, GIF, banner and even video format. In addition to that, Facebook offers additional options such as “ad carousel”, which presents visual content in an interactive, “swipe-right” way. Finally, Facebook Canvas Ads offers advanced features such as integrated sign-up forms and wide assortment of templates to target specific audiences.

2) Install Facebook pixel. Facebook pixel is a special code that can be installed on your ad’s web address and collects information about your customer conversion rate. Customer conversion rate is the percentage of users that follow the desired (and designed) interaction path on your website, and it is inseparable from a good marketing campaign. Conversation rate can be used in an evaluation of how effective your marketing message is and to tune up your marketing message. 


3) Use Facebook analytics. Facebook has an extensive array of analytics available to the advertiser via its Facebook Analytics app. This application offers details on how users interact with your content, where they go, what buttons they press, and can help you to strengthen your marketing appeal. Analytics is available and accessible via mobile devices or on desktop.

4) Keep your ads interactive and visually appealing. It is not a secret that more visually appealing ads attract more attention from the audience. This attention is being transformed into prospective customers, and potentially, paying clients. Be sure to create video or GIF content for your ads. There are many programs (some free) to help you do this.

5) Do not rush to spend large amounts of your marketing budget. Although it is tempting to rush into the exciting territory of Facebook Ads, it is unwise to expend all your budget in one massive campaign. The best strategy is to launch a test campaign and review its effectiveness. Make small changes to improve it over time until it becomes a success. Then test if spending more on it makes sense. A converting ad does not always maintain its profitability if ramped up.


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