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Posted by eLaunchers on Nov 19, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Email deliverability is the key component of a successful online marketing strategy. It is especially important taking into account today’s situation with people spending most of their time working from home (Covid, I am looking at you!). You want to reach these potential and recurring clients and now is the best time to do so.
Email deliverability, simply, is just the ability to reach a person's inbox, avoiding being stuck in the multiple-layer hell of algorithms, spam lists, promotional campaigns and email filters enforced by big tech companies. The problem with going through all these email traps is that Google, Microsoft and other companies do not share their email sorting algorithms with anyone, fearing to reveal essential information to a competitor.
Because of that, there is no SOLID way to know how to increase deliverability. The best thing we, business owners and marketers, can do is to use trial and error, Key Performance Indicators, and your own experience to increase the deliverability of our marketing emails. As a seasoned marketer,  I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve that I can share with you!
You need to make sure you stay consistent with your email broadcasts. You must keep a balance of regular, but not overwhelming, communication with your customer. Segmentation of your email list is the key factor in keeping good email frequency, so make sure to keep the schedule.
Stay relevant in your emails. This one might be the most important aspect of a successful email marketing campaign! You have to produce the content that would be interesting and engaging for your audience. Make sure to keep the email copy entertaining and informative. Attach videos, images and web links. Think of how to format your copy for it to be comfortable to read.
Keep a good sender’s reputation. The security of your email broadcast in the algorithm depends on the respectability of the sender’s reputation with the internet service provider. Each of the email providers assigns a score to your sender identity and evaluates the content of your email before it is delivered. The best way to raise your credibility among them is to increase subscriber’s interactions with your content. Opens, shares, clicks, subscribing - all of these are great for raising the sender’s credibility and increase email deliverability as a result. There are many great tools to help determine your deliverability reputation. We like MXToolbox.
Analyze and test, test, test! The best way to gain insight into your email deliverability is to test different approaches for different groups of customers. The key parameters such as open rate and click rate will tell you if the content is resonating with the audience. For example, you can try to send your client a DIY email with weblinks for additional information and the email without weblinks to see if the clientele responds. The combinations for those tests are endless and the use of them distinguishes an amateur marketer from a professional.
If you need some help coming up with a strategy, let us know.
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combinations for those tests are endless and the use of them distinguishes an amateur marketer from a professional.I hope that these email deliverability tips would be helpful to you as they were helpful to me! Thank you very much for your time

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