Don’t End Up Second Best…

Posted by Everte Farnell on May 26, 2020 8:00:00 AM

(Guest Post by Everte Farnell)


Today I am happy to share a short article Everte Farnell wrote just for eLaunchers and our readers.  Everte is a top copywriter and marketing specialist - so read his words and take his advice... crude language has been censored for the faint of heart.




His name was Tim, and every ‘BEEPing’ month he sold more than me. I was the newest guy on the sales force, but I quickly rose to number 2 salesman. 


We were selling Sunrooms and making lots of money doing it!


Tim always beat me.  Never by much, but he always made a bit more than I did in sales.


I had been on sales calls with Tim.  Frankly he was unimpressive.  Not enthusiastic.  Hardly closed. 


He had an authoritative and competent bearing about him because of time spent as a US Army Ranger, but he wasn’t much of a salesman.


HOWEVER, Tim was a master at follow up.


I, on the other hand, sucked at following up.  Virtually all of my sales, 90%+, were one-time closes.  I used to say to look at a house before I went into a call and say,” Get your check book out because you are about to buy a sunroom.”


Tim probably close 5% or less on the first call. 


The embarrassing truth is, had I followed up I would likely have sold twice as much as Tim every month...but instead I came in second place every month.


For someone as competitive as I was in my early 30’s, that hurt.  Unfortunately, I didn't learn my lesson and start following up for several more years.


Now you can learn from my screw up…


Don’t come in second.  FOLLOW UP!



Great lesson from Everte.  If you want to discover how you can implement it in your business right away, just schedule a call with me by clicking here.

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