Is Your Business Future Fogged Up With Uncertainty?

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Today, we have a universe of business information available to us with infinite options. So why are thousands of entrepreneurs in dentistry, retail, services, and every kind of industry flailing about with shaky income certainty?

Keep reading to find out how the Business Kamasutra gives you control of your future!

Why Is Universal Information Not Helpful?

Having infinite information is not great. You need the right information and a business plan that you can use monthly. And the latter is mostly missing from struggling businesses.

As a creative entrepreneur, the last thing you need is infinite information flooding your already-whirling brain. You need clarity to keep things calm and hopeful.

Are Digital Solutions The Answer?

Nowadays, you can automate tasks, use virtual assistants and harvest data, but you will still find yourself juggling hundreds of tasks.

You will hear about a million digital solutions you “need”, books you “must read'', and daily mantras…all to “guarantee” success. And we haven't even mentioned production and social media!

So, where do you start when running a business 24/7?

Build your business plan with me in 1 day. Chat with me today.

Stop Flailing

Stop grabbing at every new “must-have solution” course or download. You need to quieten down the visual and mental clutter. Unsubscribe to anything you are not reading, and be brutal.

Plan To Make A Plan

Yes, you DO need a business plan - it is the path that you will follow to success, and it will calm your mind. It is like a map to the top of a treacherous mountain you have never walked on.

In my book BUSINESS KAMASUTRA, I say quite bluntly: “21st-century businesses do not know how to date and mate!” If we approached human relationships the way we approached business, the human race would be in danger of becoming extinct.

[CTA] Read my book BUSINESS KAMASUTRA, From Persuasion to Pleasure.

How To Kamasutra Your Business

If you were seeking a life partner, you would have a plan, a clear plan. 

You would be very specific about what person you wanted (market segmentation), identify candidates (prospect identification), plan and prepare how you will approach them (marketing content and channels) and then you would execute a great approach (marketing). 

Next, you get the consent to chat (sign on) before your careful dating ritual unfolds (customer relationship management). You mutually share information (social media, emails, apps) and build a trusting relationship.

When your partner is comfortable (customer loyalty), they will allow the intimate relationship stage until consummation happens (sales and repeat sales). 

Have you done any of that with your business? And are you using:

  • Data intelligence for segmentation
  • Multi-step direct marketing to plan-prepare-orchestrate and execute a ‘perfect’ approach
  • Landing pages and online/offline bait to seek consent
  • Marketing automation to engage in a dating ritual to send information to prospects?
  • Surveys to gather information
  • Technology-enabled trust-building tools to establish, measure, monitor, manage, maintain, and monetise trust

Earning the right to ask for an order only comes with careful, hard work. Then you impress with “wow-worthy” packages, video marketing, chair-side marketing material, and more to capture and convert leads. But it doesn’t end there. The key to working smarter is client referrals. That’s when the real growth starts!

Solidify your future today. Map out your path to success now!

Let me help you build a plan for a clear future.

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