Creating The Plans Before Building The House

Posted by eLaunchers on Jan 10, 2023 2:03:13 PM


Before one can even lay the foundations of a long-lasting building, architectural plans must be drawn up and approved. Similarly, before you can create a resilient, sustainable business that is ready to grow at speed, you need to create a detailed marketing plan that sets you and your business on the right track. 

At eLaunchers, we set the scene for your business’s marketing transformation by planning. In addition to looking at the future, planning entails looking at past and present abilities, resources and lessons learned. Only with thorough planning that details short, medium, and long-term goals and actions can your top-line revenue be increased and overall profits be boosted. Planning your marketing and sales strategy in order to attract, delight, and retain customers will help you discover the gaps between where you are and where you want to be. 

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

An important part of planning is analyzing what tools and assets you already possess that are working. Your business may have processes, people, or software that is already successfully making your ideal customer aware of you. Strategies that are helping your business hit targets and KPIs may not need to be thrown out but may do with some tweaking to make them even more efficient and effective. 

Understanding Your Ideal Customer 

Planning your marketing strategy for the next three years will give your business a clear direction when tied to specific, actionable steps that need to be taken. All of this is moot, however, without a crystal clear picture of who you are planning for. Creating a long-term marketing strategy will only work if you plan with your ideal client in mind. Tracking trends to understand where their attention may move in coming years is also key to long-term marketing planning success. 

Strengths And Weaknesses 

When building your marketing plan, it is important to keep in mind the holistic business as well as the greater external environment. Build in space to leverage your business’s strengths in your marketing strategy. For example, a dental practice may enjoy excellent client retention rates already due to A++ customer service, and they would want to build this strength into their future marketing efforts by highlighting this value-add and unique selling proposition (USP). 

Reach out to the eLaunchers team if you are ready to prepare your business for the marketing makeover you need to improve your bottom line. Build a game plan with the author of the Business Kamasutra ‒ Parthiv Shah ‒ alongside his professional team with years of experience, and take your first step towards building the business of your dreams. 

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