How To Build Commercially Powerful Pixel Real Estate

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Any business consultant, marketing agency, business broker, or venture capitalist will tell you that it is vital for a business to have a website. But just like a brick-and-mortar shop front, this digital shopfront of pixels needs to generate sales or it will fail. So how do you build pixel real estate that sells?

Why Use Pixel Real Estate?

If we spend a few minutes thinking about the internet, we realize how ethereal it is, but society's perception of it is as unique as each person accessing it. Each visitor sees their arrival at and experience of a website as unique. 

Luckily for internet users, you don’t feel the buzz of billions of users; it’s just you and the current website you have arrived at. The visitor has time to look around and build a perception of the products or services they might receive.

That pixel real estate is as much a representation of your brand and quality as your brick-and-mortar version and ninety-five percent of the market is going to your digital real estate first!

How To Make Your Digital Store Or Office Sell More

Just as you can’t open a store and then ignore it forever more, you can’t ‘open’ website real estate and ignore it forever more. Your Pixel Real Estate (PRE) will get visitors quite quickly if your marketing is on point and, when introduced, your PRE will be the first place your potential customers will visit.

Your PRE is comprised of your website, blogs, sales funnels, and micro-sites. 

Nearly five billion people use social media and over five billion people use the internet. That is nearly sixty-five percent of the world’s population! 

Whilst big numbers are impressive, they are not that important. What is important is the target market you want to attract and sell to. Your digital real estate must:

  • Be designed and executed to appeal to customers’ pain points, needs, and wants 
  • Reduce the barrier to selling
  • Guide and nurture them through the buyer’s journey
  • Be visually attractive
  • Be structurally, technically, and functionally sound
  • Be visible
  • Be listed in the Google ‘Yellowpages’
  • Be maintained
  • Be up to date, e.g. seasonal
  • Be able to sell! It must have Growth Driven Design (GDD)

Why Is GDD Needed?

GDD takes content that would otherwise have been static and unstrategic and shapes it with product offerings that enhance the prospect’s journey. Static content is based on assumptions and only addresses a tiny fraction of the market. 

A GDD website scientifically uses customer data, stops random guessing, and hones in on targets with appropriate products, content, or solutions.

Your Pixel Real Estate can launch quickly as a GDD site and evolve and improve month-to-month. Data will drive changes and strategic decisions, and your site will express your value and personality more poignantly. Your audience will deepen their relationship with the brand as they get to know, like, and trust the brand.


Building an effective and dynamic website involves many components, including:

  • Creating the right types of pages
  • Writing great search engine optimized content that attracts prospects 
  • Producing products that fill a need
  • Maintaining and segregating your email lists of prospects and clients for targeted marketing
  • Positioning your content strategically
  • Implementing automated processes

Each of these is a set of blogs on its own!

To get your GDD website up and selling, contact eLaunchers for a free first consultation!

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