The Dream 100 - part 2

Posted by Richard Bueckert on Nov 10, 2022 8:15:00 AM

Last week we  spoke about automating your system to bring in your Dream 100.


We ended with

WARNING: Building your Dream 100 automation requires motivation and a significant investment in time and money, and reaching your Dream 100 prospects does require ongoing effort. This is never a “one and done” process.


For example...


One of the attendees asked, “Can’t you just market to them by email?”


Sure you can... 


But realize that getting email delivered is becoming increasingly difficult as the large email service providers like Google and Microsoft are very aggressively filtering out messages that they consider spam (your email isn't even going to the spam filter, it's being DELETED). This is even worse when you send emails to large corporations where the I.T. department has the "stop spam" mandate or any email address with the .gov extension. 


Are there strategies to get your mail through? Absolutely. Confirming your email address with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC will all help but will not penetrate every corporate or government server. You may need to route your automated follow-up emails through a dedicated email platform like Amazon SES or SendGrid.


But even if your email does get delivered to the inbox of your intended recipient, there’s still no guarantee that your email will even get opened, never mind read. In our experience, email will never match the performance of a physical “offline” offering.


Once you have the physical piece in their hands, your next move should be to get them to engage with you ONLINE. This is where you direct them to an asset on your website to consume more information and - hopefully - enter their name, email, and phone number to request additional materials. Only after you make that hurdle can you start to leverage automation in a CRM like Keap.


Can you go to and buy your own app and build all this yourself? Of course. However, we typically invest hundreds of hours of time creating marketing automation for clients so be cognizant of what you’re getting into when you decide to take this on yourself.


I tell clients that creating all these marketing pieces and systems is much like the times I visit Home Depot - I can buy everything I need to build my own house from the forms for the concrete foundation, to all the wood for the frame, the drywall, paint, wiring, plumbing, heating/cooling, and the shingles. You can even get them to deliver to my address...


But… I better have a plan to hide it all from Melody before she sees what I've done… Because we both know that building a house, on my own from scratch, is NEVER going to happen. My ego tells me I could do it but the reality is I’d never get it done. 


And really, do I really WANT to try and build a house myself? 


Absolutely not.


What I do want are the plans so that I can get other specialists to do the build for me. And that’s where you should start - with your plan. 


If you want help with this, reach out to us for a 90-minute strategy session where we’ll build you a visual marketing plan where you can see how all the pieces fit together and we’ll even include 6 months of access to our mapping software. The 90-minute session and software access is just $297 and you can schedule a time HERE.

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