Reliable Dental Marketing Ideas Your Practice Should Try - contd

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Carrying on from last week - Here are 5 more ways to market your dental clinic:

6. Postcards & & Mailed Offers

You've heard of postcards and offers, but did you know they can be a big help for your dental expert workplace? When sending them out digitally or through postal mail to people within a set radius from where the office is located it's guaranteed that more clients will see what we have going on. It doesn't matter if someone lives 20 miles away because now there won't just be those close by - all our potential new patients are fair game!

In addition to sending rounds of postcards occasionally, you can also use a couple of other methods that will target high-value prospective clients.

  • Sending sales brochures about high end cosmetic treatments to high-income areas, where the house owners are most likely to be able to afford them and may be looking for something new or different from what their current dentist has been offering them so far.
  • Send a flyer with a introductory offer in the Welcome Wagon packet that's provided to brand-new homeowners after they alter their address. If they've just moved to the area, after all, they don't have a dental professional yet.
  • Send a small gift in the Welcome Wagon - New Baby packet with information on when to have babies first seen by you.

7. Visit Reminders

Growing your practice isn't just bringing in brand-new clients. Keeping relationships with existing, loyal customers matters as much - if not more than attracting new ones! When you send them visit pointers or suggestions on how to book their next appointment, it's a fantastic way for these patients (and potential future ones) will know what they need and want from the medical professionals at YOUR clinic.

8. Newsletterspaper-with-newsletter-text-in-old-typewriter_t20_0904yB

Newsletters are a great way to engage with your audience and show them that you're listening. They can serve as an excellent marketing tool, especially if they're well-written and helpful for your clients. Fun fact: newsletters were initially used by companies like Nike (they would send out updates on new products) but now this type of communication strategy is used everywhere. It doesn't matter whether its via post, e-mail or social media; what matters most is connecting those who need something from you instead of waiting around blindly hoping someone will come across your page first.
If you want your newsletters and email campaigns to be successful, it's important that people receive them. They should also have the option of opting out if they do not wish to get them any more.
It can take some time but with patience comes rewards: those who subscribe enjoy seeing what promotions come through because these specials may interest one person more than another- thus creating a better opportunity at conversion rates

9. Remarketing Campaigns
You know that friend of yours with the little black book who never has any new friends? Well, I have some good news for you: We can get in touch and make it happen! No more being on their short list forever.
Remarketing is a marketing strategy where advertisers reach out to users they already have an existing relationship or connection with in order to try getting them take specific actions - booking appointments at your practice again sounds like just what both parties need right now doesn’t it? This type of campaign would be perfect if one party wants potential patients hooked before sending over promotional material so there are no nasty surprises when it comes down time deciding whether to use your clinic or not.

10. Diversify Your Keywords
Keyword research is the key to success when it comes to ranking high in search engines. It’s important that you don't just shoot for one type of keyword, but rather think outside the box with different keywords and topics!
Emergency situation keywords are a great way to get your business in front of potential customers. For instance, if you offer emergency wisdom tooth removal or damaged teeth treatment then it would be wise for that service being considered during keyword research since they have the highest chance at being explored voice search (based off Google trends).
You can also try ranking higher by adding "emergency dentist" into consideration when creating these types of searches like “dental expert open on weekends."


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