The Value of Valuable Content

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Using inbound marketing to create valuable content

20 years ago, there was no Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. People didn't get their news from Twitter; they got information from nightly talkshows or newspapers. Times are a-changin' and they are a-changin' fast. The key is to ensure that no matter the platform, you are delivering valuable and captivating content. You're moving away from merely generating a list of random people who opt in to creating quality leads using Inbound Marketing concepts.

 One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to marketing is stepping out of it. People want to see that the authority behind the content (that's you) has a personal connection to it. If they are seeking you, then the content that will attract them will have you in it.

 Authority Marketing to Create Inbound Content

Your content should be consistent, varied, and driven. People want to know about YOU. They are interested in the information that you have to offer. They want to know what tips and tricks your experience can give them if they are with you.

Your audience wants to know about the world too. Take a minute to focus on the time of year -- holidays, summer, Valentine's Day, etc. Also consider getting in tough with news events that are fresh in the news cycle. You can capitalize on its popularity. Don't be scared to invite other people on to your media either. This helps to get their audience into yours -- and who doesn't love a bigger audience? 

Inbound Marketing Creates Relationships, Not Just Leads

When we talk to someone, we are usually trying to develop some kind of relationship. This could be a romantic, professional, or platonic relationship but the end goal is still to create a connection with someone. This is how we should view content marketing. Content is the key to creating connections with people. When there is a connection, there is a longer-lasting relationship and inevitably more trust. That trust can allow people to confidently buy from you without ever having to "sell" anything. 

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Creating Value-Added Content

Not only can customer-focused inbound marketing get you more sales but it can also improve your overall branding. The more valuable content you can create in a world of "instant" mentalities, the most people will want to share that value. It's Reciprocity 101.  The more they share your value-centered information, the wider your potential net becomes to attract your perfect prospect. This is important because it allows for an intermingling of audiences that can expand the number of people you touch.

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