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Marketing Math Worksheets

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Nov 8, 2018 10:51:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

excel-templates-promo2-1We believe that marketing is made up of five core elements. Arts, Language, Time, Data and Money. 

While you need an artistic brain and an understanding of buying psychology to be creative on arts and language front, deals are made of time, data and money. Every marketer, regardless of their background and their current role in marketing must understand the basic marketing math.Magnetic Marketing, an info-product sold by No BS Inner Circle has a foundational math formula. We talked about Magnetic Marketing math in one of the videos.   

My friend Jacob Carlson from Hubspot talked to me about importance of the math of marketing and understanding your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Jacob shared a resource with me and asked me to pass it on to my friends. These are 9 Microsoft Excel templates (or you can have them as Google Sheets if you like) that will help you keep track of various marketing elements.

I got another spreadsheet from my friend Dr. Dustin Burleson that helps me keep track of marketing spend and measure ROI on marketing campaigns.

Basic and Advance marketing math worksheets and formula is core foundation of elaunchers marketing department in a box. When you schedule an initial consultation call with me, one of the first things we will discuss in your marketing math, what matters most to you and what spreadsheets will help you keep track of everything. I will give you the spreadsheets you are going to need.

Understanding what matters most to you and keeping your eye on only that will help you identify and eliminate most of data noise in your life. To get started for free, please visit www.elaunchers.com/start .

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