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Posted by Parthiv Shah on Nov 30, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

Continuing on from our previous blog - within the pyramid structure is a marketing strategy. The marketing strategy for each of the three phases in the buyer’s journey addresses specific goals. BRENT has a four-phase system for climbing the pyramid. This week we'll look at the second layer.

How BRENT tackles the 15%

To attract the 15% level of the pyramid who want change but need prompting, BRENT employs three hardworking strategies: Sprocket Rocket APP (SR APP), Business Kamasutra, and Integrated Marketing Management (IMM).

Sprocket Rocket App (SR App) uses drag and drop pre-built, customizable website pages, landing pages, and blog page builders that are specifically designed to attract your cold, warm and hot prospects. It integrates with all BRENT’s features including CMS, local website development, mobile optimization, website pages, and website themes. It is the flirtation phase of the attraction process for these 15%.

Business Kamasutra is an integral theme of BRENT’s attraction and retention system and is designed to nurture and build lifelong relationships with prospects, customers, marketing channels, and affiliates. It follows the same processes people practice when seeking a soulmate and progresses through the attraction phase to engagement and delight.

During the mating process people segment their markets, identify prospects, and then plan-prepare-orchestrate, and execute a (hopefully) perfect approach. If all goes well, they seek consent to engage in a dating ritual where both parties share information about each other. At that point when they have established enough trust to seek consent for intimacy, they engage in foreplay, and when ready, engage in the mating ritual. BRENT’s Kamasutra business path is designed to follow the self-same path to a long-lasting and mutually fulfilling relationship.

It isn’t always easy to attract a suitable partner, and that’s where a matchmaker who knows everybody and can connect them comes in handy. Integrated marketing management or IMM is part of BRENT’s business strategy to integrate people, processes, and technologies seamlessly in lifelong relationships.

Next week we'll go into the 4%.


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