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Posted by Parthiv Shah on Nov 23, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

As we discussed in last week's blog - within the pyramid structure is a marketing strategy. The marketing strategy for each of the three phases in the buyer’s journey addresses specific goals. BRENT has a four-phase system for climbing the pyramid. Today we'll discuss the bottom layer.

How BRENT tackles the 80%


At the bottom of the pyramid, BRENT’s attraction system uses five tools; SEO digital content, tripwires, ascension marketing, qualification marketing, and automated conversion.

BRENT starts the climb with SEO digital content that shows prospects how to solve their problems. Blog posts, eBooks, whitepapers, how-to videos, tools, tip sheets, educational webinars, and social media content are excellent tools to capture attention and move prospects forward in the buyer’s journey.

With BRENT’s pre-qualification tool, prospects are filtered, prequalified, and sorted into daily, weekly, or monthly lists. It also pulls data from qualified prospect’s social media profiles, and CRM records, surveys, webinar participants, Facebook Lead Ads responders, and new email subscribers. BRENT’s qualification marketing provides a full overview of your prospect’s responsibilities, company size, industry, vendors, interests, and needs.

A low priced, irresistible product, or a tripwire, is another tool that is highly effective, simply because it offers massive value and costs next to nothing. Because of its low risk and high value, people are willing to take a chance.

The best method of attracting your customers and keeping them is by encouraging them along the pyramid either vertically or horizontally. BRENT begins by offering an inexpensive product first where they can get a taste for what you offer. A low-priced product/service doesn’t involve a lot of justifying, because it doesn’t cost much, so the risk is low. After they have experienced your product, you have built up their know, like, and trust factors and they will be willing to invest in the next higher priced product. Your products can continue to climb in price until finally, they are at the top level. When they reach this level, they will be your long-term client for years to come, if you continue to provide quality products and services. The faster you move people through these levels, the higher your profit.

The Ascension marketing tool allows prospects to advance from a lower priced product to higher priced products. To advance, they must buy the entry level product or the tripwire product first.

Movement along the pyramid can be horizontal as well as vertical.

With horizontal movement, after the first $19.99 product you can offer a 2nd level of courses/CDs for $39.00 in five or six different areas that relate to the same topic. This way your client is gaining a breadth and depth of information and will buy multiple times on the same level.

Let’s say you want to move your clients vertically. First you advertise an ebook on Facebook for $19.99. The 2nd product is a hardcover book and a CD for $39.99. The 3rd product is a course and one coaching session for $3,900, and the 4th product is a six-month course with individual weekly coaching sessions for $39,000.

Once people have bought a product or service from you, they are open to buying again and at a higher price as long as you are providing value. They will also buy products you recommend. In their eyes, you have identified yourself as an authority they know, like, and trust.

Throughout the process, BRENT’s automated conversion tool systematises the time-consuming repetitive tasks. Qualifying website leads, emailing, social media posting, personalising emails, and converting prospects into profitable customers is in BRENT’s wheelhouse.


Next week we'll go into the 15%.


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