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How-To: Referral Marketing

Posted by eLaunchers on Jun 19, 2018 4:40:00 PM

Referrals are a glorious gift to the world of marketing. It requires no extra effort on your part other than ensuring that your customers are having good experience with you. Having a lot of referrals is a really good thing but relying solely on referrals is a dangerous game to play.

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Referral Treasure Chest: Internal/External Referral Marketing Program

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 30, 2018 3:57:23 PM

Have You Earned The Right To Ask Them for Referrals?

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Marketing Automation For Orthodontists

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 23, 2018 10:49:42 AM


Conversion Campaign Implementation


Orthodontists and General Practice dentists offering orthodontic services will receive turnkey implementation of Infusionsoft campaigns, the corresponding funnels, downloadable digital assets and accompanying print material for a complete, end to end marketing automation system. A special 'ortho' version of shock and awe is also created. The implementation includes:

  • BOSF - 01 New Lead: Email Sequences
  • BOSF - 01 New Lead A: Top 10 Things Report
  • BOSF - 01 New Lead B: Flex Spending Headaches
  • BOSF - 01 New Lead C: Book of Smiles
  • BOSF - 01 New Lead D: Teeth Whitening Offer
  • BOSF - 02 New Patient: Email Sequences
  • BOSF - 02 New Patient: New patient forms
  • BOSF - 02 New Patient: MAP
  • BOSF - 02 New Patient: Online Account Access
  • BOSF - 02 New Patient: Ask Dr. ____ landing page
  • BOSF - 02 New Patient New Patient Video?
  • BOSF - 02 New Patient Ins and Outs of Invisalign Report
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer Silver Membership
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer No Sale Letters 1-3
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer Doctors Club
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer Lifetime Guarantee
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer Referral Gift Cert Free Kindle
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer Lost Customer 3 step
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer Message in a Bottle
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer Sales Letter
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer Postcard
  • BOSF - 04 Appointment - No Show No Show Letters 1 w/Happy Patient Letter
  • BOSF - 04 Appointment - No Show Letter 2
  • DOSF - 05 New Starts/Debond/Observation
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts Braces/Invisalign/TMD/Incognito
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts Gift Card - Free Gift Graphics
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts Debond
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts 7 Ways to Celebrate
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts Observation/Growth & Development
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts Thank You Postcard
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts Problems to Watch for in 7 Year Olds
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts 5 Reasons Article
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts Flex Spending Accts & Orthodontics
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts Reminder Postcard

Ortho Shock and Awe


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eLaunchers Referral Culture Program

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 23, 2018 10:46:23 AM


Referral Culture Tools, Techniques and Training

Everyone says that their number one source of growth is referrals, yet they have not built a formal ‘referral culture code’ for their organization. We have heard Dan Kennedy say, if you want them to give you referrals, you need to give them good tools and teach them how to talk about you. When we build your referral culture we will give you everything: Your referral survey, tell-a-friend website, Infusionsoft follow up campaign, friend welcome package and gratitude expression process.

In this video, Dan Kennedy talks about how to use your Shock and Awe package in comprehensive internal magnetic marketing.

We will show you how to use the shock and awe package along with ‘three cards trick’ to ask for referrals. We will show you how to get online reviews using Infusionsoft with review site ‘Sotellus.com’ and trigger referral campaign when someone gives you good review. If you are an info-marketer, an educator or have a membership site of any sort, a formal ‘Study Buddy’ program can generate a consistent flow of referrals. If you get referrals from various ‘centers of influence’ we will help you put together a program for your formal referral sources as well.

Programming and Setup

  • Referral Culture NPS Survey & Tell a Friend Campaign in Infusionsoft
  • Tell a friend Web Site/Funnel in Click Funnel
  • Referral Culture Traffic Driver letter to clients/patients
  • Friend welcome package
  • Gratitude expression package
  • VIP Club Welcome Package for Referring VIP
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