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Posted by Parthiv Shah on Aug 19, 2021 8:30:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

As a professional entrepreneur, you’ve probably been working very hard for a very long time. It started with your education. Years of schooling. Then you got out into the workplace and realized running a business wasn’t something they had taught you in school - and your education started all over again. But you persevered and established a reputation for doing quality work and offering outstanding customer service. Those things you know how to do, and you do them well.

But like all entrepreneurs, bringing in new customers and getting existing customers to return is an ongoing concern. Marketing today focuses on building a relationship through a personalised sales journey that develops the ‘know, like and trust factor’ for your business. Gone are the days of setting up a storefront and instantly having a customer base that stays with you until you retire. If you try that you’ll be missing out on a large percentage of customers who shop online for products or services.

Now more than ever you need digital marketing skills to determine; WHO buys from you, WHY they buy from you, WHAT they buy from you, and HOW to approach them.

Of course, there are tools that address all these issues, but they come at a cost. As an online entrepreneur you need to be a master marketer of your website and have the skills (and time) to interpret the analytics that track website traffic, such as reports, page performance, keywords, and competitors. Let’s not forget the expert SEO content you are expected to create for your personalised blog posts, and the advanced knowledge of the ever-changing keyword research in your blogs, and blog headings. But that’s not all. Email marketing, online products, online sales funnels, landing pages, and social media platforms are a critical part of your branded marketing strategy. You also need to accommodate customers who respond better to direct sales letters and postcards. WHEW!

You need to have the memory of an elephant to store all that information!

Skills aside, how can one person possibly master, let alone remember how, where, and when all the moving parts should be turning to attract, convert, and close leads?  

Thankfully, you don’t have to because a Business Relationship system for your ENTerprise (BRENT) can do the heavy lifting for you. BRENT’s structured system includes marketing and sales platforms to help attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. BRENT can combine a variety of functions which allow marketing and sales activities to be managed all in one place.

Like any system, there is an order and structure and that’s what we’ll discuss those in the coming weeks.

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