Would You Put Your Business in a Condemned Building?

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Sep 29, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah
Imagine this for a moment…

You walk up to a building that has a roof that’s falling in.  The paint is peeling off the walls, and when you open the door a musty smell of mildew and wood rot hit you in the nose.  

As you walk in, you realize that you need to be careful where you step because the floor is collapsing and you may easily fall through it. 

Walking around the building you see mold climbing the walls and you start to cough because the air quality is so bad.  

Walking into the back room you see something scurry across the floor and realize that in addition to millions of roaches that place is full of rats as well. 

Then you turn to the real estate agent who - reluctantly - showed you the property and say, “this is the PERFECT place for my business.  Can we move in next week?”

That’s clearly an absurd idea, but tell me…

If you wouldn’t locate your business in this kind of real estate, so why are you allowing your “pixel estate” (web presence) to look like this?

When someone arrives at your pixel estate and sees a cookie cutter, amateurish web presence - their opinion of your business collapses. 

Perhaps last year you could get away with a subpar website, but in a post Covid world you need to do much better!

People are not just going to wander into your business because they walked or drove past - or because they found a coupon in the paper.

The FIRST thing consumers are doing these days is checking you out online.  And if your pixel estate isn’t up to snuff, they just stay home.  Or worse, go to a competitor. 

You have to update your online presence and create a customer experience that will fill the prospect with confidence and stoke their desire to come see you. 

If you haven’t considered and improved your web presence in the last 6 months, you are seriously behind the curve.  

It’s time to catch up!

If your “Pixel Estate” is not in good shape, your real estate location will be vacant. 

If you need help designing the perfect website to attract your perfect client, make sure to schedule your FREE 30 minute call with me. 

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