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Why People Buy

Posted by Russell Martino on May 21, 2018 4:00:00 PM


How can one marketing message be of no interest, while a different message about the same product can be made so interesting, you read every word and take the requested action? The real question is, “What motivates you?” What gets and holds YOUR attention? What makes a product or service so irresistible you want it and you want it now?

Psychologists tell us if you WANT something you don’t have, like a new car, a better job, or enough money to retire in style ten years ahead of schedule, travel the world and still be rich forever..or if you HAVE something you don’t want, like crooked teeth, excess body fat, the heart-break of psoriasis, or a business that does a tiny fraction of what it could... it creates stress.


Psychologists call the stress of wanting something you don't have or having something you don't want "cognitive dissonance." According to the experts, the desire to relieve cognitive dissonance and eliminate the stress of having something you don’t want or wanting something you don’t have, drives buying behavior more than any other factor.


No one buys because some chump shows up in real life or online waving hands and barking about how great their product is. You buy because you have an itch you want to scratch; a need, wish, want or desire you want to satisfy, something you want to HAVE, BE or DO. You buy because you are unhappy, uncomfortable or upset about something – and want to fix it. You buy because you have something you want to keep, protect and not lose. You buy because you want to accomplish, have or achieve something – and you are willing to spend money on a product or service if you believe it will help you get what you want.


Ultimately, you buy because you want to MAKE something happen - STOP something from happening. Or BE PREPARED in case it does happen. And it’s critical you do a great job demonstrating how your product will satisfy their desire. Scratch their itch. And give them what they want.

Emotion drives the decision to buy. You don’t buy a product because it’s there. You buy a product or service because you believe having it will help you get something you want – or avoid something you don’t want. You don’t want a new car because of anti-lock brakes or rack and pinion steering. You want a new car because you work hard and deserve to travel in style. And besides, unlike so many others, you can afford a nice new car. So why deprive yourself.

What does that have to do with anti-lock brakes?

Buying is an emotional decision. That’s why it takes engaging, emotion-driven copy to get attention, hold interest, and get someone excited about doing business with you. To craft strong emotion-driven messages you have to know what your prospects REALLY WANT, which is never a product or service. You need to understand the PAIN your prospects experience by not having what they want. And you have to understand the JOY getting what they want will bring them. We want the THRILL of victory. And want to avoid the AGONY of defeat. Fear of loss and desire for gain are what drive people to act. Fear of loss is more powerful.


To get attention and build the kind of desire it takes for your prospect to WANT what you sell - and want it from YOU - it’s critical you know what your prospects really want, which is NEVER a product or service.


With emotion, you have the image of a self-made man (success) with rugged good looks (desirable – what every woman wants) cruising the open road (independence – freedom) – in a powerful new automobile (strength – power – money - no limits) with a beautiful woman by his side (satisfaction – happiness – desire fulfilled). Without emotion, all you have a commercial all about front disk brakes.

Which would you prefer?

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