Why Marketing Education Is Essential In Post Pandemic Recovery Period

Posted by eLaunchers on Aug 2, 2022 8:15:00 AM


The state of global economics is suffering a new external impact. It's unlike COVID-19, which was bad enough, but happened to a very healthy, mostly affluent economy. Businesses changed over the course of the pandemic and some, sadly, did not survive. The companies that did survive managed to turn things around, but many have had to drain their savings accounts to do so. What’s left is a fragile post-COVID economic climate where cash reserves are depleting.

So now with the current energy crisis, gasoline price increase, continuing supply chain disruptions and global economic downturn where everything is more expensive, how do businesses ensure they can survive the next five years and more? The answer is not about the economy; it is about how economics and marketing education is sorely needed to achieve healthier business and, ultimately, a better quality of life. 


More Topline Revenue 

What do we mean by a better quality of life? Well, the pandemic taught us how precious life is. Spending long hours at the office is fast becoming a thing of the past as we value our relationships and family time. Many companies are now permanently operating on a work-from-home basis. Ideally, we want to make more money by working fewer hours. We want to make enough money to enjoy downtime, and this is 100% possible. 


The number one lesson in marketing education that businesses need to learn right now is that they have to increase topline revenue. Stop pumping reserves into lofty marketing campaigns that yield no results. Just as we’ve become tech-savvy, it’s time to get marketing savvy and prioritise business funds in a way that will lead to conversions and build revenue because that is the only way any business will survive the rising costs in the foreseeable future. 


Sell More, Start Now! 

You may be wondering just how to increase your topline revenue in a time when everyone is counting pennies and inflation is negatively impacting customer attitudes. The secret is marketing education, but you don’t need to invest years in business school to do this. With a team like eLaunchers by your side, you can start selling more right now. We provide you with real strategies tailored to your specific business needs, and you will soon see the changes you were hoping for. In our Everest Mission, which is part of the growth strategy to help you achieve your summit of success, we look at the following aspects of your business:

  1. Purpose
  2. Current Mission
  3. Core Values
  4. Target Market
  5. Brand Position
  6. Brand Promise
  7. Strengths to Leverage
  8. Strengths to Develop
  9. Sales & Marketing Economics
  10. From Base Camp to Summit

To get started now with marketing education from an expert team that will help you boost your topline revenue for business growth and long-term survival, contact us today.

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