2019- My Year Of Independence

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Why 2019 Is eLaunchers’ Year Of

Independence and Freedom


This July 4th is the celebration of my 20th anniversary of making a life here in this land of the free, home of the brave.  I came to the realization this holiday weekend that I am significantly fortunate to live in the United States, and I am proud to be an American.

I came to the United States in 1989 to pursue my dreams and those of my family. 

I want to thank the powers that be that got me to this point in my fiscal Freedom. I took stock of my life of this past twenty years, and I can genuinely declare I am free.  I FEEL free because I feel I can afford freedom. 


Every year when this day comes around, pride comes over me. It’s precious to me. Because I am a first-generation immigrant, it gave me the independence to pursue my dream.  I wasn’t shackled by low wages, incredibly long days, and little to no opportunity to make a better life. I didn’t have to live a life of quiet desperation.


Envy of the World

The U.S. is envied by citizens of just about every country on the planet because of its freedoms. Generations of people made it to this land to live a better life, but some choose to stay under the burden and scrutiny of their governments. 

Regardless of what you might think, the United States is the freest country in the world.  We all should thank our Creator that this is a truth.

Many of the citizens right here at home take this Freedom for granted.  It’s so much more than they think. I am free from poverty, even though many others tend to embrace it. These are the people who believe the blocks from opportunity, and that their circumstances create disadvantages and roadblocks to success.

They are slaves to their thinking and their ignorance of what it means to be free. Instead they sit idly by and watch the world work hard to improve their lives.

Freedom is so much more than a cliché. You can go to any country in Europe, or Asia, and not find the same freedoms that we enjoy here. 

That’s why so many immigrants came to this place, and why so many try to steal Freedom by not coming in according to the laws of this land. All of these people seek freedoms that they simply can’t obtain in their home countries.



Questioning Freedom

As I mentioned, some people take our freedoms for granted.  So I want you to think about these questions seriously:

  • What is your definition of Freedom?
  • What does Freedom mean to you?
  • For what do you want Freedom?
  • Why is Freedom vital to you?
  • Why do you want the Freedom that you seek?
  • Do you feel free?
  • Are you truly free?
  • How would you feel if your Freedom was taken from you?
  • What are you doing to protect your Freedom?

I’d also like to have you take a moment or two to consider these to fill-in-the-blank questions.

  • Freedom to _______________
  • Freedom from ____________
  • If Freedom is important to you, what would you do so that your freedoms are going to continue?

Then there are these questions:

  • Have you created your business to be self-managed so you can spend more time with your family and loved ones?
  • Alternatively, are you still fighting for the Freedom you know exists?
  • What are you willing to do to obtain true Freedom?




In thinking about this year, many things have happened for which I am grateful. 

This year, 2019 has been the year I transitioned.  In 1989 I began with a business lifestyle. Today, I have a lifestyle business. I have had the Freedom to build a Self-Managing business.  One that affords me the Freedom of movement that few others enjoy.

I am free from not having to be chained to a desk, working against my will.  I can walk away for a while, and the business will function just fine.  I have the Freedom not to have to touch every single thing that has to be done. 

I know everything will get done because I have the Freedom to employ the best in every position. I have created a Self-Managing business that runs by itself.  

I am no longer enslaved to an operations role in addition to everything else. I can count on my team to take great care of our clients.  To always treat them with the respect they deserve. They are free to stop working with us at any given moment, so treating them extra special is the norm.

Keeping that in the forefront of our minds is critical.  It’s one of the cornerstones of our business; doing what we say we will do.  No excuses, no exaggerations.   We want our clients to Pay, Stay, and Refer. 

I consider myself and my family to be extremely fortunate for the opportunity to come to a place that encourages business and personal growth to heights as tall as one can imagine.

This great land took me in its arms and provided opportunities of which I had only dreamed.  This land is a fertile land.  This benevolent land is a fertile land of opportunity.  This land offers me with lush fruits of my efforts. 


Discoveries and Realities

I longed for Freedom to do what I wanted to do.  What I discovered truly means a great deal to me. 

  • I am free to do exactly what I want to have a better life than the one I left behind
  • I am free to share this life with my lovely wife and son
  • I am free to take on as much or as little as I want to provide my family with a decent living
  • I am free to try any business concept that I can imagine
  • I am free to pay taxes on what works and don’t have to pay any tax on what didn’t work

I don’t want to be rich, not obscenely wealthy; I just want to be debt-free. I want to be free to choose what I want and to be able to afford what it is I wish. Today, I FEEL free.  It’s important to me, and it should come to you as well.  Being free is more than a statement.  You have to feel free to be free.  Freedom is a mindset.

Freedom to me is the lack of a cage.  Freedom means to have permission to do what you choose to do. I have that.  You can have it too.

I learned very early in my life that if I genuinely wanted Freedom, I will have to work for it.  Poverty is no way to live when there are endless opportunities to better one’s self, financial opportunities, and Freedom to open a business.

Freedom to me is the Freedom from poverty.  I know that if I am not enslaved to live a life of meager existence if I don’t produce, I don’t eat, and neither does my family. I have the Freedom to make anything happen I consider. 


Battles Waging

Why do some people fight for Freedom all their life? Millions of people across the globe are fighting for Freedom.  They’re called Freedom Fighters.  It’s like the adage, Freedom – All give some, Some give all. I am free because I am a Freedom Fighter.  I fought hard to for my Freedom.  

In Europe, during World War II there were resistance movements in every country under siege or occupied.  Those freedom fighters valued what was taken from them, and they fought to take it back.  They knew that being found out meant certain death, yet they fought for Freedom just the same. 

Even today there are Freedom Fighters in various parts of the world doing everything they can to rid themselves of the tyranny from oppressors, fighting for freedom. Their country’s freedoms cannot compare to the freedoms we enjoy here, but they fight and die trying to get back what they have lost.

Freedom is worth fighting for, either literally or figuratively.  Freedom is the only way to live.


Generational Lessons


Shah Family Photo

I am free to aspire to live a life of financial stability.  My son has grown up having the advantages that every citizen has, the Freedom to choose whatever life he wants to live. He has no memory of the early days here. How hard his mother and I worked to get to where we are today.  

However, on his own, what will he know of living genuinely free?  He won’t have to fight for his Freedom.  However, he will have to defend the Freedom he is inheriting from my wife and me. Freedom is a perishable thing that will be his to lose.  I can lose everything right now, and we’ll be all right because I know I can start over and once again be free. 

Can my son say that?  I want to teach him and every intern with whom I come in contact. I want to share and teach every entrepreneur how to become free and stay free.  Because Freedom is worth fighting for.  Its value is inestimable. If you don’t have Freedom, you have nothing.  If you have Freedom, you should defend it daily.


A Sweet Celebration


Because of this Day of Independence, I want to mark this as an exceptional occasion.  Because it means we have been fortunate to have created a business that supports so many people, serves our clients, and produces a good living for my family, you’re invited.

On July 23rd, I want to celebrate Freedom by inviting anyone and everyone who can attend to the cutting of the cake; the Freedom Cake. chocolate-cake-1285954

I want all who can make it acknowledge and show my sincere gratitude.  I know I did not do this alone. I did my part.  After all, we’re in this together.

Our Fore Founders, the economy, the government, the No B.S. Inner Circle leadership, and all of the friends I have made along the way have a hand in eLaunchers success. 

My lovely wife, my son, my great staff, and my clients are all to be thanked and honored. Please join me in celebrating them as well.

So join me in celebration.  We’ll have chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, chocolate candies. It will be a Chocolate Extravaganza. 

This chocolate-flavored man would appreciate all who can come so please attend; please help me celebrate.

July 23rd, 2019

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