Who Is Your Site Created For?

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Aug 18, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

Let’s play a game. 

I want to ask you to design the perfect race car for me.  Something that is fast and can win a race.  

You might say the first thing it needs is a powerful motor and a strong, resilient transmission and drivetrain.  

Then you might say it needs to be aerodynamic, have a low center of gravity, and a stiff suspension so we can reduce wind drag and help corner the track at higher speed

Then we might say it needs slick tires to increase traction.  The grooves in your tires are designed to keep traction on wet roads.  Since we don’t race on wet roads, we don’t need treads.  

The result is called a slick, and it increases traction because it keeps more rubber in contact with the dry road.  

So we need a set of slicks.  

So now we have the basics of a powerful race care that should be able to compete in a race.

We take our new race car to Mexico and enter the Baja 100…

And lose embarrassingly.  As a matter of fact we can’t even finish the race and our new car is destroyed.


Because we built a Nascar, or maybe an Indy car…

Then we entered it into an offroad race.  

Wrong car for the wrong race.  

Unfortunately, too many business owners approach their website the same way.   They have someone build the site based what the business owner likes (you are NOT your customer), or worse yet - they clone a big dumb company branding site.

Or even if they have a legit direct response site, they have skipped the first step in developing any marketing asset…

Define your perfect customer avatar and build the asset to attract that avatar.

Instead, people put together a direct response site that repels their avatar, and attracts a less than perfect prospect.  

Then they say something stupid like. “All the Internet leads are crap.”

As if your perfect prospects are not online at all. 

In a post Covid world, EVERYONE is online.  More importantly, everyone is going online BEFORE they go to a physical business.  Whether you have a professional practice, a retail store, a restaurant, or some other kind of bricks and mortar business…

If your “Pixel Estate” is not in good shape, your real estate location will be vacant. 

If you need help designing the perfect website to attract your perfect client, make sure to schedule your FREE 30 minute call with me. 



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