Where Do You Start Writing?

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How much did you read last week? How about last night? I bet you read a lot! Nowadays, the average person is bombarded with a ton of information on smartphones, tablets, computers, car radios, TVs etc. Advertisement causing our brains to overload with information, and it is not going to get better anytime soon. Even more, it is projected that humanity is going to accelerate into a completely new informational era!

How can you stand out with your material among all this fluff? Let me give you some bulletproof tips on how to up your writing game!


Be personable

It is staggering how many business owners make this mistake trying to copy the big biz advertising practices. ALWAYS address your customer by their name – in the email subject line, in a personalized message, or post. You know your customer base and you should indicate that to the client.


Drop the jargon

Real people do not speak using “Final Sale”, “Don’t miss out” or “Last chance”. Keep your copy simple, understandable and free from tired cheesy cliches. It is always good to write your copy the same exact way you would speak to the client in person at your business.


Concentrate on the solution

Always keep in mind that ALL the interactions with the customers must have a clear message. You should always advertise your services or present the client with the solution to the problem that they have. Don’t forget that email newsletters or personal messages can be advertisement tools, not just entertainment.


Use humour

That's a no-brainer! A well-placed joke in the subject line or cheeky email opening has a higher chance of bringing the customer in. Most of us choose business purely by emotions and you would like to make a customer think positively when they think about your brand. This is even more effective when used in a weekly newsletter. Ideally, the customer should be waiting for the next interaction with your brand.


Play with fonts, font sizes and text design

People are visual learners! Pretend you’re writing that 5th grade one- or two-page essay. Space out your text, avoid using tiny fonts, add space between paragraphs and break them up. You should also experiment with font colours to bring attention to certain messages in text. Try to use a “glance” rule – your text must be easy to understand and follow just by glancing at the main points of it. (Psst, most of us don’t read marketing emails in full)


We hope these ideas get you started. Let us know how we can assist you with your marketing strategy.

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