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Posted by Parthiv Shah on Oct 12, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

Effective marketing and successful gardening work the same way.

A cactus and a fern are both plants, but if you plant your cactus in the shade and water it as much as you water your fern, it will die. Similarly, if you plant your fern in scorching full sun and water it once a month, you've got yourself a dead fern.

The mistake many marketing programs make is they take every customer and pass them through the same funnels. This system creates friction points as they get bounced around from marketing to sales and, finally, customer service while receiving irrelevant, generic information. Poor service results = low sales. 

A typical reaction to poor sales is to inundate existing customers with new products and services, hoping they will buy more and more products. Over working your customers produces the same results as over cultivating your land. The quality becomes degraded, and productivity suffers. Planting more and newer seedlings on infertile soil will not produce a crop of vigorous seedlings.

Recognizing you need new growth to survive, the next reaction is to buy lead lists. If you don't know those prospect's needs, there is little likelihood they will turn into paying customers. If they haven't requested you to contact them, it could hurt your business. Be sure to get targeted lists if you go that route. We can help with those as well.

A successful garden needs fertile soil, healthy seeds, and knowledge of the right amounts of water, sunlight, and nutrients to produce lush, healthy plants. Productive marketing follows a similar process. You need to know and understand your client's needs and wants so that you can nurture their growth with the right kind of information delivered in appropriately timed amounts. Done well, marketing will cultivate a prospect into a flourishing, paying customer.

Once you know your client, you can understand how to attract them with content that is interesting and meaningful to them (inbound marketing), rather than interrupting them with unrelated content (outbound marketing).

Gardening and marketing are all about building ongoing, long-term, personalized relationships. The best marketing systems have your customers’ needs and wants at the core, and pair a strategy with customized automation.

Effective marketing collects information about your prospects from multiple channels such as web page activity, social media, and the type of content that interests them. It also uses various channels to build an ongoing relationship. Once your business is at a point where you:

Know how to create a constant crop of leads

Understand who should be nurturing your prospects at which phase of their growth

Recognize your client's needs from their digital fingerprint across multiple channels

Have figured out successful lead tactics and are ready to scale up;

Then you're ready for our unique marketing system.

BRENT's unique marketing system allows you to:

1. Create personalized workflows to segmented lists of clients from your CRM

2. Build tailored emails and generate email drip campaigns (scheduled emails that keep you in touch)

3. Automate tons of mundane tasks such as lead rotation and data management - to free up your time

Our unique one-stop inbound marketing software enables;

easy publishing of search engine optimized, appropriate, appealing blog content

optimized, personalized landing pages

tailored emails, content, and subject lines

Lead management 

for sales-ready, focused campaigns

analytics for social media, SEO, calls-to-action, and advertisements that let you measure and assess your customer progress and your ROI

Synchronization of datasets for easy access to emails, CTA's, forms, and segmented lists

When marketing operates in a silo, productivity suffers. For marketing to produce a healthy crop of flourishing customers, it requires a unique, integrated, organic system specific to the customer within a multi-channel dynamic ecosystem.

Schedule a marketing strategy session with me to discuss how this can work for you. 

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